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New Moon Musings July 9

Are you feeling emotional?
Ready for something new?
Today’s #newmoon has a lot of power of renewal. This is a time to make a fresh start. Say the mantra to yourself “I begin again.”
I’ve been feeling this amplified 1,008 times over in both my personal and professional life. Especially as it’s felt like I’ve been in some sort of mystical holding pattern this last year. I am so ready to get on with it.
Calling in my King to really live daily ordinary life with me. I’ve felt him so much that I ache with feelings of missing him – because he’s been in my 4D, 5D energy field for so long.
Vedic Astrologer Keri of AnandaShree says “Falling in the area of the sky called Punarvasu, “the return of the light,” this new moon is a much-needed dose of renewal.Use this time to tune into your needs, and into Mother Nature as the divine mother of creation (para shakti) that nourishes all life…but take heed, fiery Mars has joined the planet of love, Venus.”
*This photo is of my first time going to explore St Pete post quarantine July 9, 2020. One year ago.
That’s how long I’ve been ready for this New Moon 😉

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