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November 11 once a year 11:11

Nov. 11 brings a once-a-year opportunity to align with the auspicious energy of abundance, spiritual connection, and deep personal awakening.

“Nov. 11 is one of this year’s most fortuitous dates,” advises ascension guide and channeler Laura Brown. “It can shift each of our lives for the better [and] set the stage for our next bold move.”

And it’s especially magical if you know how to take advantage of 11/11 energy, too.

“Eleven is a master number in numerology, which are all about massive life shifts and possibilities that suddenly become available to us,” Brown says. “The number one is about new beginnings and fresh starts, and when you combine more of them together, you amplify their energy — which makes Nov. 11 a manifesting powerhouse.”

11:11 is a spiritual awakening code, when this awakening code keeps showing up for you, then it becomes obvious that this is a call and a message from spirit to tune in.

To understand the spiritual meaning of 11:11, we must first look at the meaning behind the number 1, when you see the structure of the number 1, you can see that it is like a pillar.

The pillar of light is the most basic symbol for your divine core, for the divine. I Am Presence and the core truth in you. Your Inner Divine I Am Core is the core truth of your spirit, beneath your normal awakening mind and your true personality.

Through our every day activities of life, lies our knowledge of wisdom, compassion and trust is your I Am Divine core…Your light presence, your crystalline ascension column of light that represents your 12 chakras as being united as one pillar of light and presence.”

Soooo today what are you MANIFESTING?


Looked at my phone at 11:11 which was a great sign!

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