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Opt out of corporate life like I did!

Hey Sisters, ditch your cubicle! Opt out of corporate life like I did. Live a life of zero regrets. ⚡️
Imagine instead of going to your joyless 9 to 5 job you step out of bed, take some peaceful deep breaths, and roll out your yoga mat, already energized to begin your morning teaching yoga. 🙏

I’m inviting you to turn this fantasy of a freedom lifestyle from dream into REALITY through my Online Yoga School for Rebel Spirits, Changemakers – ambitious womxn who don’t want to settle 💻

This is for the ✨big-dreamers, those who believe anything is possible and want proven program to create a prosperous, sustainable alternative to being tied to a desk for 30 years.

Become a CERTIFIED Yoga Teacher after completing my 16 year old Alchemy of Yoga Online Teacher Training Program! 🎉 Then register with Yoga Alliance.

But that’s only the beginning. You receive the Entrepreneurial training you need to become a profitable Wellness Leader with both online and in person business model.

Benefits of Online Alchemy of Yoga Certification:
✅ My program will teach you how to teach yoga online AND in-person
✅ Flexible pacing.
✅ Personalized attention and feedback. In an online environment I will be able to study your poses for alignment and refinement one person at a time.
✅ Mentoring support for you, your practice, and your business during and after
✅ A hybrid of self-paced and interactive teaching modules that are online, live taught, zoom classrooms totaling over 50 hours of interactive instruction (or watch the replays)
✅ Cutting edge technology, library of teaching materials and videos and a hands-on approach to distance learning
✅ Lifetime access. You can come back and review and retake any lessons or practice sessions you’d like. The materials are yours, and you’ll be surprised at what else you can learn when you retake modules.
✅ You will develop a global network, a tribe of like-minded people and deep friendships. Expect students from all over the world!

Visit our website for ALL details https://alchemyofyoga.com/online-yoga-teacher-training/

With lovingkindness,
Silvia Mordini
Founder Alchemy of Yoga
16 Years Training Yoga Leaders!
+1-206-886-5743 TEXT

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Hi love, I’m Silvia!

I’m a specialist in starting over. 

Trauma revealed truths that took me to some faraway places for healing and wisdom. In Bali, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Hawaii and Malaysia, I soaked it up, took bold actions, and expanded what was possible for me.

Through all of this I learned something profound; the power of resiliency can be taught and even making a 5% change can change the future dramatically.

Now I teach women like you to access the power within you to change your life, celebrate your genius and start over to create any life you dare to dream.