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Play music to heal your soul

This playlist is a soundscape to help create the mood and positive vibration for your healing.

Every song is meaningful and curated for maximum impact.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”― Ram Dass

The first song is Recovery music. We need that transition to recover on the daily. It comes from the album named for a well known Ram Dass quote above.

The second song has lyrics that move us into elevating our mind and opening our heart. Watch video here.

I ain’t trying to waste your time
I just want to elevate your mind
Meditate and shine. Elevate your mind

Elevate your mind
Open up your heart chakra

Yeah I’ll be on time

when the time’s right Kundalini rise,

get your spine right

Elevate your mind, so you shine bright

Forget about your sign, you’re divine light

Maybe we can elevate.

Maybe we can levitate B

aby we should meditate

Inhale and exhale

That’s how we medicate

The third song is one of the most important mantras So Hum.

The yogic mantra “so hum” is not only a reflection of the sound of the breath but also carries a contemplative meaning: “I am that” (so = “I am” and hum = “that”). Here, “that” refers to all of creation, the one breathing us all. This contemplation meditation is an opportunity to focus “thinking mind” on the mystery of being and to reflect upon the interdependent nature of all phenomenon revealed by the sages and confirmed by contemporary physics.

Song 4 is an ultimate G Code, Goddess Code by Lizzy Jeff. Powerful affirmations.

Medicine Women
This is the G-code

I am all that I preach to be
[preach to be, preach to be
I invite you all to take a leap with me
[take a leap with me, take a leap with me
Astral projecting through frequencies

Celebrating life on the daily
The more I do that
The more they pay me
Elevation everyday, I’m committed
First I see it, then I go out and get it

If you wanna feel love, you gotta give it
Don’t ever let ’em knock you off your pivot
Keep your vibes high, don’t you get it?
[don’t you get it?
It’s a journey, so your work is never finished
[never finished.]

If you wanna see it happen—
Write it down
That’s Law. [That’s Law
I usually like to cop it by the pound—
For my dawgs
Keep a couple Rose Quartz around—
For the heart
Be confident when you are wearing a crown—
You are Art
Live with more intention
Speak life
Give thanks
Stay dedicated to Ascension

The fifth song includes Light Language and if you’ve never heard it notice what you feel. Is there a remembering? Have you spoken this same language at some point in your life?

You’ll also find Shamanic drumming and brainwave synchronization songs as the final 11 and 12.

You could focus on Savasana pose and play the final song that wipes out all negative energy, 417 Hz and notice how you feel afterwards.

This is all for you. Blessings on your healing journey.

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