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Real Reasons to Attend a Yoga Festival 

An excerpt I wrote that is included in this article.

For those whose interest in the yoga fest has yet to be tickled, Silvia Mordini has a thoughtful piece on what she feels are the top five reasons one might attend a yoga festival. The list is telling:

Solo adventure:
It’s a chance to travel somewhere by yourself, facing uncertainty and growth all at once. It not only gets you out of your comfort zone but also your normal yoga clique.

It is a smart way to network with a lot of passionate yogis all in one place. So whether you are trying to grow awareness, establish your personal brand, or sell a yoga product; there’s no place more conducive to doing so. The joy of connecting face-to-face instead of via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter heightens the power for future collaboration.

A yoga festival is a direct opportunity to see what is currently trending and popular in terms of clothing, style, music, sequencing, and much more.

Learning new perspectives from a variety of geographically diverse teachers boosts our collective creative energies. You can’t help but feel the life-enhancing power of being a part of the creative process.

A yoga festival or conference is not only partly a retreat but also a kind of yoga vacation. The locations offered this year alone are in beautiful parts of the world such as Bali, Whistler, Sedona, Arizona, Lake Tahoe, and Colorado. What better way to spend your time away from work than doing something you love and investing in your own personal growth and development?

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