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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, a Baby is coming just for You

My greatest desire, my truest intention is to have a baby. It’s been the same my whole life.
Even as I have walked the path of being a healer, serving others, inspiring happiness and love I still hold this intention to be fully devoted to loving a child of my own.
God is funny, last night I felt called to the 5pm mass instead of going today. The service revolved around the teaching “Love one another as I have loved you.” That’s it, I have practiced loving, growing in love, loving everyone so that I could one day love my baby. Little did I know that God meant for me to be there because there would be 3 baptisms during mass. The new members of the church were called Henry (my Father’s name), Francesca (the name I’ve always wanted to give my daughter) and Soren. 3 new babies baptized inches away from me. I was moved to tears of joy there was so much love there.
It was also the perfect opportunity to renew my own vows to our heavenly Father.
What a wonderful gift to see such joy in the families of these babies rejoice in God and Love.
There are no accidents. Everything reminds us that God has a purpose and a plan for us. He wanted me to be there to be inspired not to give up on my heart’s intention.
So I continue to trust in God that I’ll have a miracle. I choose to keep my faith strong.
I’ve worked with healers all over the world, one said to me last July, “your baby is already on its way, you just have to be ready.”
Since then I’ve dedicated myself to listening to God and in order to follow his directions and get ready.
At the end of mass, the priests passed out Red Roses to all the Mother’s as a Mother’s Day gift. I pray that one day I can proudly receive a rose too.
I have so much love for all of you who are already Mother’s and compassion to those of you who like me are still trying. Jai ma!

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