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There is a vast difference between protection and over-protection.
If your inner protectors are working overtime, they may wreak so much physical and emotional havoc that you could think soulmate love isn’t worth the trouble.
Be careful of turning away from an opportunity to really connect with someone because of inner fears and past experiences.
It is all too easy to watch over-protection segue into paralyzing anxiety.
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Here are some actions to take today.

  1. Speak realistically to yourself.
  2. Acknowledge your concerns and the risks you are taking to open your heart to your soulmate.
  3. Recognize the bigger danger of allowing fear to sabotage potential joy.
  4. Assume the best. The universe has already sent this amazing person to you.
  5. You have learned from other relationships. Now trust you will be vigilant enough to protect yourself while allowing your #soulmate to join you.

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