Dearest Beloveds,

One of the most important initation rituals you can experience as an adult is your wedding ceremony. The day will have 24 hours just like any other day. The most important part will be your wedding ceremony for it will “initiate” you into the sacredness of your marriage to one another. This is a Rite of Passage moving you from single to married. Through the exchange of your vows you will be launched into your promise to love, respect and cherish each other. This is the ultimate Alchemy of Love.

323202_4206772845636_587895058_oThe perfect ceremony strikes the balance between personal expression and tradition. I recommend that you as a couple put your signature on the ceremony in the content and feeling but work within a basic ceremony structure. I will help you make your ceremony unique but not complicated. It’s also been my experience that the most enjoyable ceremonies for a couple are those that are simple and not overly long.

On your wedding day what I want most for the both of you is to be present to one another, breathe in every moment and express your joy. Today is your celebration. It is about you and for you. Have fun! May you and your marriage be blessed in all ways, always.

All my love,

Silvia Mordini

Celebrant specializing in crafting spiritual weddings for nontraditional couples.

Your Wedding Ceremony Outline

The Opening Welcoming of Guests

If there is a processional I will walk in first or will already be at the front waiting for you. This is when I’ll introduce myself to your guests as well as make any special announcements (eg turn off cell phones?) offer any other guidelines for your guests and thank everyone for coming including anyone in particular you want me to highlight.


The entrance of the wedding party — whether this is just the 2 of you or others. Or you will simply be up front and we begin when you are ready.

Gathering Words

  • Presentation of the Couple
  • In my intro, I will welcome you, the couple to your wedding celebration, and will like add a few words of thanks to the person who escorted the bride or groom down the aisle if there is a processional — a twist on the traditional “giving away.”
  1. Wedding Intention: Using your Couples Wedding Intention I set the tone for the ceremony.
  2. Family rituals, Remembrances

“Your Love Story” The Marriage Address

This is where I will talk about your unique Love Story— how you met, how you fell in love, what you love about each other, and your hopes and dreams for the future.

This is also a great place to include a reading, song lyrics or a poem.

The Declaration of intent
- I Do’s

This is the “I Do!” part of a wedding. This is also the ONLY PART THAT IS LEGALLY MANDATED. You will face one another, take hands, and answer some very important questions about marriage.

Personal Vows

Read by you as a couple to each other. Simply think about what marriage and your relationship means to you and speak from your heart.

Ring vows

Done “repeat after me” as you place the rings on each other’s fingers. I close the ring ceremony with “Rings are a circle which is eternal, as is love.”

Closing remarks

A final blessing bringing back your Wedding Intention and any other important themes from the rest of the ceremony, and/or a short poem or loving advice for you as a married couple.

The Pronouncement – Declaration of Marriage:

This is the part where I announce you wed, married, husband and wife.

“by the authority vested in me by the State of…”

Kiss Kiss! (Read my article about the Benefits of Kissing!)


It’s time to party!