Ho’ oponopono Healing Forgiveness

Ho’ oponopono. We all benefit from help. Last night I had another healing session with a Light Worker to help me continue my healing journey. You see, I am trying to make peace in my heart once and for all with those that have hurt or betrayed me. I am tired of carrying the weight around and I dearly want to put it down and be FREE. One of the fundamental ways I love myself into healing is practicing #forgiveness. This meditation of Ho’oponopono changed my life. I hope it will yours too. Ask my anything about the practice. You see, I want us all to feel free!
“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free, Ho’oponopono is the Key Element and Love is the Ho’oponopono means to “make right” and is the Hawaiian code for forgiveness.
Ho’oponopono restores your light or energy body and your e-motion, or energy in motion. Through your light body you are connected with all of life. Through your e-motion you are always affecting everyone around you by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. Ho’oponopo #Meditation is an ancient Hawaiian tradition for healing. By reciting the prayer one releases any negativity that keeps you from true happiness. Find more about Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.
❤️ Ho’ oponopono Meditation: Let’s try it together please put your left hand on your heart and ask Source to infuse all with divine light. Say aloud or silently these statements.
I love you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
Ho’oponopono restores your light or energy body and your e-motion, or energy in motion. Through your light body you are connected with all of life. Through your e-motion you are always affecting everyone around you by your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.
Through the power of grace you can know the blessing of absolute and unconditional self love and acceptance. In truth when you love yourself completely you love everything and everyone through all dimensions of time and space. This simple act of transmutation, bringing your darkness into the light, provides wonderful nourishment for your soul. The Ho’oponopono Ritual empowers you to shine with brilliance and renewed Self love.
Ho’oponopono in essence means to make things right with your ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you are connected, and have relationships, and most especially yourself
Oh Divine Mother, Divine Father, archangels and angels, my guides, ancestors, teachers, friends, and all those who love me hear me now.
I come before you with my heart opened in humble gratitude for my soul’s journey.
I acknowledge my unfolding and nourish the flames of my heart, mind, and soul with the beauty I create in the world. Bless my footsteps as I walk upon my path so that I may always remember the road that leads to the truth of the flame within me.
And so it is 

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By Silvia Mordini

We must Namaste everyone!  My parents had my brother and I traveling from the time we were newborns to places all over the world. From that experience I learned that everyone is fundamentally alike.  Regardless of geography people all want the same things:  we want to be happy, loved and peaceful.

As a result, even before I knew yoga, I was trying my best to “Live my Namaste”.  

Now, as in then, this requires recognizing that all people deserve respect.  In effect if we are living our Namaste it means we are unlocking the love and respect in our hearts to include everyone. Isn’t the whole point of yoga to see not that which divides us but that which brings us together?

So what does Namaste mean? Well, “Nama” means bow, “as” means I, and “te” means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means “bow me you” or “I bow to you.”  It is a gesture of pure compassion and recognition: that we bow to the true self inside each one of us. To me Namaste is harmony, remembrance and respect.

Namaste as a harmony:  It strikes the perfect chord.  Having grown up in a musical family and having played piano and clarinet for 13 years I have always felt music was a blessing of realizing harmony.  Yoga like being in a chorus or a band or any sort of tribe helps us to work together as a beautiful symphony.  We feel this symphony of the body when we practice poses (asanas).  And just like playing a musical instrument the more yoga you practice the more efficient you get.  Over time you feel the harmonies.  No single player more important but everyone is equally important. This is a nondualistic view of life where we acknowledge that everyone is valuable in their own way and we all contribute to make wonderful music.

Namaste as remembrance:  Wolfgang Von Goethe writes, “Remembrance of what is good keeps us high in spirit. Remembrance of what is beautiful is the salvation of the mortal man. Remembrance of what is dear will be happiness, if it remains alive.”  In class, or even by yourself, when you unite your hands palms touching think to yourself Namaste and it helps us remember to remember how amazing life is!

Namaste as respect: It is a respect for our breath, for the preciousness of life itself.  When we share this with another we are demonstrating that we are one, engaged with this breath despite our diversity. A great example of this definition is found on Wikipedia.

Namaste from Wikipedia, freely adapted and edited

We can perceive the unique thread that connects us all with the Universe, and all its Beings along with the source of that interconnection. Accepting Oneness, we are accordingly receptive to knowledge that comes to us in the form of examples, advice, and direct teaching. One may awake to the wisdom that opens our eyes to new worlds of possibilities.

When we assume everyone we meet is special and unique in its essence we should always show to all people the same generous level of kindness, care, compassion, and understanding without any thoughts of self-interest or ulterior motives above paying respects wholeheartedly, the way we live our daily lives has an enormous impact on those around us.

Instead of clinging to what separates us, Practicing Namaste enables us to feel less alone in the world. We begin to understand that we must treat all people for what they are, family. We are one with the cosmos whether we realize it or not. Practicing ONENESS we gain consciousness of the more subtle aspects of our being, with the ultimate outcome being a complete identification with the light body.”

In order to live our Namaste we must come together to Namaste everyone. It is not just something we say before or after yoga class, it is a way of living life with a deep intention of respect, remembrance and appreciation that promotes harmony in the whole of the world. Love yourself, love your day, love and Namaste your life! Silvia

Do Something Now

Do Something By Silvia Mordini

“People of accomplishment rarely 

sat back and let things happen to them.  

They went out and happened to things.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci

The question is should you do a yoga teacher training? Is now the right time? Are you ready? Just by asking the question means you are ready. Don’t let the worry of doing it or not doing it steal all your energy. Otherwise while you’re waiting life will just pass on by and another year will be passed. Face your stories and choose to create a new story RIGHT NOW.

“Action is about living fully. Inaction is the way that we deny life. You can have many great ideas in your head, but what makes the difference is the action. Without action upon an idea, there will be no manifestation, no results, and no reward.” 

That pretty much sums up our @alchemyofyoga philosophy!



If you wait until you are “ready” and things are “perfect” you will get stuck in the inertia of inaction. Get started in taking small steps towards your intentions within the next 24 hours.  Do not let self-doubt cripple you into statis. And know that once you’ve begun then keep acting on your goals a little at a time. The smallest efforts keep the momentum going and create powerful change. As they say in South America, “little by little one travels far.”



Part of our humanness is our ability to be really hard on ourselves especially when things don’t go the way we had envisioned. When you meet yourself on the path you’ll quickly learn that acting on things doesn’t always yield the results you expected. That is no reason to stop. Instead amp up your efforts to keep doing something. Like the Lotus Blossom which rises up from the mud of the swamp through murky waters, moving free into the air and up towards the sun pristine and white don’t stop sticking to your vision. As Florence Scovel Shinn writes, “Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement.”  Therefore let us be as firm and resolute as the Lotus Blossom, in manifesting the most joy-filled, peaceful and healthful life we can envision.



I also learned from my parents to practice gratitude with enthusiasm every day. Through the doing of life and manifesting joy it is important to maintain your motivation by sharing your gratitude for your attempts as well as your achievements. A positive attitude may get you started in doing something but what keeps it sustainable is appreciation for those that play into your success.


My yoga practice reminds me of all three of these aspects of living an inspired life. I get on my mat each day and “do something”, I do not give up my practice when life is inconvenient, and I certainly give thanks to all who made it possible for me to move, breath and celebrate my joy at being alive in this moment! And in turn this stokes my rebel spirit to go out and happen to things.

If you feel the call to take a deep soul dive dedicated to yourSELF then DO SOMETHING. Sign up today.

See you on the mat in #Bali or #CostaRica 2019!

Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

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Dearest Beloved Friends All over the World,
I am so excited to welcome you to my NEW facebook group!
Welcome! Aloha! Bienvenue! Benvenuti! Willkommen! Bem-vindo! Bienvenido!
We are alchemy of yoga Adventure in Teacher Training and this is our online community for discovery, exploration, and connection. More than just a yoga teacher training school, Alchemy of Yoga holds space for SELF-DISCOVERY and EXPLORATION in beautiful locations around the world – including Costa Rica and Bali, Indonesia.
“Adventure in Teacher Training” is a collective space for:
♡ US to share about yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, self-discovery work, and incredible photos, videos and stories from our YTTs (yoga teacher trainings).
☾ YOU to learn more about yoga, see what a YTT is like, ask questions, offer loving-kindness to others in the group, and be a part of a high-vibe Kula (community).
☆ If you’re thinking about joining a destination-YTT, this is the place to see what it’s like and ask questions.
☆ Feel welcomed to introduce yourself and tell us more about your passion for yoga!
My name is Silvia Mordini – founder and lead teacher – I have been lovingly holding space for hundreds of Alchemy of Yoga trainees for over 15 years.
Silvia + the Alchemy of Yoga team of Guides and Teachers will share their wisdom here in this community for YOU. We understand that a yoga teacher training is a big investment in YOURSELF.
Again, welcome to our online Kula!
If you’re just arriving, kick off your shoes, enjoy a big stretch, take a deep breath in…..and let it out.
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Starting and sustaining a #meditation practice is one of the key Happiness Prescriptions I follow everyday. It’s the heart of my teachings.
1. Sit down
2. Stop moving
3. Repeat every day.
The actual sitting down and just being with yourself is where most people stop. They believe there is some right or wrong way to be still. Truthfully, that’s just your ego’s way of trying to tell you you’re no good at it before you even started. The ego also loves to try and tell you that you’ll do it wrong.
☮️ Do not listen, drop that story!
This is why it’s called a meditation #practice. There’s no need to be perfect in your practice. We all have good days and bad days. It’s the same with meditation. You will have great experiences and seemingly not so great ones.
I’d love to inspire you to TRY #meditation ❤️
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Love is All You Need Alchemy of Yoga

The truth is picking a yoga teacher training program is hard. There are now so many program to choose from. This isn’t a bad thing, there is a perfect program for you. I have always been clear alchemy of yoga isn’t looking for everyone. My intention is to selectively seek those who I can help, those I can inspire. Let me tell you about the program because I don’t want you to wonder if this is the program for you, I want you to be enthusiastic in choosing alchemy of yoga FOR YOU.

If you resonate with yoga as more than just the physical practice. Yes there is Physical Alchemy absolutely you will gain knowledge to instruct the poses and pranayama. But there is also Mental Alchemy, this ability to remove the obstacles to your happiness. Finally, there is also Spiritual Alchemy, and this program unashamedly admits to being “spiritual.”

So if anything I say in this video resonates and peaks your interest then lets explore the possibility together. So if you’re still wondering…

1. Is Alchemy of Yoga for ME?
2. Are we a good fit?
3. Is now the right time?
4. Is this the right destination?
5. Am I ready? 

Yes if Authenticity and JOYFUL self-confidence in living your Dharma sparks joy because that is “what Alchemy of Yoga offers you.”

July 28-Aug 18, 2018 Costa Rica RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training
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July 17-August 17, 2019 Costa Rica RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training
Sept 1-22, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training
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I See You

I see you.
You see me.
We are #onelove
The beauty of namaste. I see you and you see me and together we can be our possibility. 🙏
One of my greatest joys is to make the invisible world visible. To feel or hear the whispering of another persons heart and see their ideas as real. To live with faith in the potential you have to bring forth that which is forming and make it visible. To believe in what others can’t yet see. And when I share what I know and someone recognizes the purity of my intention and sees me as real, I feel blessed.

Next times I’m guiding #dharma adventures @alchemyofyoga teacher trainings:
July 28-Aug 18, 2018 #costarica
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July 27-Aug 17, 2019 Costa Rica
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Thank you in advance! I am forever grateful for the honor to guide spirit loving, soul seekers, truth tellers, creatives and teachers with eyes of the world living from heart. 

It feels so GREAT to be SEEN! #Namaste from my heart to yours..

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