Are you Ready for Happiness Training?

Alchemy of Yoga RYT200 Teacher Training is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of self-discovery through SELF-study.

Consider this the ultimate adventure! A Hero’s Journey that will both challenge and encourage you to embrace your potential and playfully awaken your inner power. This is Happiness Training set in a lovely retreat center in the wine country of Sonoma, California Dec 6-15, 2015.

In our intimate Kula (community of the heart) of no more than 18, we will delve into the deepest study of who we are so we can live our happiness in a big way. You will be supported by the dynamic duo of Laura Hand @wayfaringyogi and me @inspiredyogagal for 10 days, 100 hours of deep soul plunge into pure love. Register today! Questions? or

Let our 10 year history make the difference!…/alchemy-of-yoga-teacher-trai…/


Do You Want to Inspire People?

What joy it is to inspire people to live their happiest life! Your journey begins now! For those looking for a deep Soul Plunge into their own hearts. Tame your mind, find your true voice, learn to confidently teach yoga at @alchemyofyoga School Dec 6-15, 2015 @mayacamasranch ‪#‎Calistoga‬California.

Guided by dynamic duo Laura Hand & me: @wayfaringyogi and @inspiredyogagal

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Down Dog in Costa Rica

Feel the Vibe. Join Our Tribe.
On the mat, your kula
Supporting you? Assistant Teacher, Life Coach ‪#‎LauraHughes‬ & Silvia Mordini, Founder ‪#‎AlchemyofYoga‬ in ‪#‎CostaRica‬ Aug 1-22, 2015.

Stay tuned to learn more about her!

What’s the Schedule Like for Costa Rica Teacher Training?

We believe that a full immersion into the study of the self benefits from ample free time to process your learning. Each day is balanced to give you space and time to rest, get some sun, have fun along with your studies. There is no Mukti – freedom without Bhukti – Fun!

So check it out, siesta time, surfing, movie nights, chilling in the lounge and so much more!


6:00am-7:30am Meditation + Yoga Practice
7:30am-8:30am Breakfast
8:30am-12:30pm Training Session
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-3:30pm Free Time: Beach, Siesta, Surf
3:30pm-6:30pm Training Session
6:30pm-7:30pm Dinner
8:30pm-10pm Training Session (M/W/Fri only, T/TH Free time)
10pm OM OUT


7:30am-8:30am Breakfast
8:30am-12:30pm Training Session
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-4:30pm Free Time: Beach, Siesta, Surf
4:30pm-6:30pm Training Session
6:30pm-7:30pm Dinner
8:30pm-10pm Movie Night (Sat only, Sun Free time)
10pm OM OUT



Essence of Self-Study – To Make You Think

For 10 years I’ve held sacred space for self-study through @alchemyofyoga RYT200 Teacher Training. My program has been dedicated to the study of the SELF, through the self, to the self because this is the purest ‪#‎Alchemy‬ of Yoga. My intention in serving as your mentor is to “get you to think.” It goes way beyond teaching a class to developing ‪#‎Yoga‬ as an approach to daily life. This is the deepest soul plunge into SELF-inquiry.

This four part program based in practical elemental energetics is about your SELF-development where happiness again becomes your natural alchemy. This is the ultimate ‪#‎adventure‬, a hero’s journey in the Art of SELF-Discovery! 

You will become more SELF-Aware and SELF-confident in your ‪#‎Dharma‬. This is the part where you find out who you are. Transform yourself. Then be a leader in transforming the world. How? By teaching them to think for themselves.

Next immersions into SELF? 
Aug 1-22, 2015 Costa Rica
November San Rafael, California
Dec 7-15, 2015 Mayacamas Ranch, California

Details here:

Learn about YourSELF with Alchemy of Yoga

Alchemy of Yoga is a 10 year old 200 hour program recognized by Yoga Alliance as a REGISTERED 200 HOUR YOGA SCHOOL. It offers you a unique opportunity to make a deep commitment to learning more about yourSELF.

Blue Spirit Retreat Center is a safe haven: a nurturing place to engage in open hearted self-exploration. I am devoted to offering you an poolviewatmosphere in which freedom of expression, fun, creativity and passion for life are “totally” encouraged! My program covers the foundations of the 8 limbed path of Yoga and believes in yoga as a life-long truthful celebration of ourselves and our world. This is a Green Yoga program dedicated to the Art of Self-Study.

1. The first phase will focus on the fundamental principles of Yoga including an introduction to yoga philosophy (Yamas and Niyamas), history, basic Sanskrit, the implications of Ethical Behavior and living your yoga with an Ethical Code and Ecological integrity.

2. The second phase will focus on General Principles of Poses, How to Teach a Pose safely to all levels of students, The Stages of Poses, Benefits of Poses, Purpose of Poses, Ways of Sequencing using Vinyasa Krama, Sun Salutations, therapeutics, & the Art of Assisting (verbal and physical adjustments and enhancements) in an authentic, safe and generous way.

3. The third phase will focus on the art of teaching including creative sequencing in class design, developing life affirming class themes, importance of positive languaging, voice intonation, musical awareness, personal practice as laboratory and how to teach to the heart of the student. The healthy Teacher-Student relationship: understanding it and how to resolve ethical issues.

4. The fourth phase will focus on the practical skill development of apprenticeship through observing classes, assistant teaching, and Karma yoga (community service yoga offering). And personal development in respect to the Business of Yoga.

Post Training Mentoring Includes but is not Limited to:
• Life Coaching one on one

• Dharma Mentoring: Planning a yoga career/business for optimal sustainability

• Yogaprenuership: how to best market yourself while maintaining strong ethical standards and life balance

• How to resolve ethical issues that arise from teaching yoga