Dreamers of Dreams

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” -Roald Dahl

Guess which one of us is the music maker or dreamer? Is it possible we could be both?

Love yourself enough to live from possibility.

What you may not know is I studied music for 13 years and Jim is an incredible writer besides what you may know already.

Individually we have both intentionally chosen to live our dream. We both left the corporate world to follow our bliss. We’ve moved to another part of the country, we’ve actively pursued a life we love.

We can tell you how we did it. We can support you in making the changes you want for your best life. Come live in possibility and you’ll transform the way you see yourself.

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Victory to our spirits  
Mantra: I believe anything is possible!

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Soul Surgery

My Dear Hearts I spent 2015 undergoing Soul Surgery.

It wasn’t convenient, was uber expensive and quite certainly it was messy and painful. I had surgically removed the virus of “settling” for less than what I deserve.

My post surgery physical and emotional therapy included facing everything I was most afraid of. It was intense hard work to recover and regain radiant health.

Since I was already committed to this soul surgery I asked my healers to help me remove anything/anyone else that was stuck in my tissues. I discovered I had been carrying around old lives karma as well. And scar tissue had built up where old pain didn’t fully heal.

When I woke up from this epic soul surgery I vowed to keep my energy clean from this point forward so as to avoid any further viruses attacking my heart.

I am a high vibe, conscious, healthy, loving woman. And I am going to keep it that way.

Post Surgery: As part of my personal Happiness Prescription I am 100% dedicated to radical self-care and spiritual self-love and I will no longer allow low vibe people lacking honesty or integrity in my life. They only weaken my immunity and make me more susceptible to other viruses.

My tribe are lovers, truth tellers, heroes of peace and kindness committed to raising the vibration of our beautiful mother earth.

I am not rushing into this new year but instead being mindful of all I’ve learned as I look how far I’ve come.

It takes active effort to live a LIFE Inspired. I do it every day.

If you feel my vibe, I look forward to connecting heart to heart whether it”s in the ether or in person. I love you already.

Jai Ma!

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