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Chakra Toolkit

The Chakra Toolkit includes: CHAKRAS 101 CHEAT SHEET — Chakras 101 Cheat Sheet INTRO TO CHAKRAS VIDEO — Click here SELF-TALK BY CHAKRA — Self Talk By Chakra CRYSTALS BY CHAKRA — Crystals by Chakra Guide JOURNALING PROMPTS BY CHAKRA — Chakra Journaling Prompts 7 DAY CHAKRA SALUTATIONS CHALLENGE (VIDEOS)  — Click here CHAKRA AFFIRMATIONS […]

Affirmations to improve Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

✨SAVE this post to practice listening to these positive affirmations to boost your self talk. It works! Try it and you’ll feel it. Try it and you’ll see it. ➡️ beauty happens from the inside out. How you show up in the world every day has a vibrational frequency. ✨✨ . Tune that frequency through […]