Loving Reminder: Put self-care first

Release Anxiety with the Power of Yoga

In the bustling pace of modern life, anxiety can easily become a constant companion. The pressure to juggle responsibilities, the ever-increasing digital noise, and the challenges of simply staying afloat in a world that never seems to stop can lead to a sense of overwhelm. Amidst this chaos, finding an oasis of calm might feel […]

Breathwork: 3 Reasons Why It Calms Anxiety!

Anxiety can feel overwhelming, but there’s a powerful tool at our disposal to find inner calm: breathwork. Let’s explore three reasons why incorporating breathwork into your routine can help alleviate anxiety and bring about a sense of peace. One. Deepens Mind-Body Connection: When we intentionally focus on our breath, we create a bridge between our […]

Are you having racing thoughts?

Is your answer YES to any of these questions? ⁣ Are you in survival mode racing around in fight or flight response all day?⁣.⁣ Are you sick and tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed?⁣.⁣ Is peace what you crave most in year ⁣2 of a worldwide pandemic?⁣.⁣ Do you have racing thoughts? ⁣.⁣What are racing […]