Say goodbye to anxiety and welcome the promise of a happier, healthier you.

Soothing Anxiety Meditation (Audio Download)

Anxiety is often related to rumination or obsessive thinking. Meditation soothes anxiety by teaching us how to kindly distance ourselves from our thoughts. We don’t have to believe everything we think. Practice letting go of thoughts with the following meditation. 1 Minute Video here and 5 Minute  Audio is here to download. Slow living is […]

Healing From High Functioning Anxiety: My Journey

Healing From High Functioning Anxiety: My Journey Anxiety is not exactly something that brings about feelings of joy or ease, but it doesn’t have to feel isolating. I’ve learned firsthand that with the proper tools and support, it is possible to heal from high functioning anxiety and find relief. ✨Allow yourself the freedom to take […]

Is Your Anxiety Triggered by Trust Issues?

I’ve been thinking about TRUST a lot lately. Even more than usual as I take my heart out of the safety deposit box I had kept it in for safe keeping. In order to recover and heal from a traffic jam of betrayals over the last 5 years I walked myself back to SELF-TRUST. That […]

5 Ways to Promote Stability in Your Life

5 Ways to Promote Stability in Your Life by Silvia Mordini In the Western world, we live with surface order that we often take for granted. Electricity, plumbing, stoplights, and fully stocked grocery store shelves are a mundane everyday happening. Even the highway system is all very neatly organized and orderly. The paradox is while […]