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Bringing Sunshine into the Hurt Places

Life has its share of hurt places, moments that weigh heavy on our hearts. But even in the midst of darkness, we have the power to bring sunshine into those hurt places and illuminate them with love and warmth. Today, let’s explore two simple and effective ways to bring the sun inside your heart and […]

How Yoga saved my life

⏳I’ve been teaching long enough to see the yoga world change more times than I can count. I have been a yoga student even longer and have seen my own practice evolve and change more times than I can remember..💥Five years ago I had an accident where I hurt by brain. I believe the official […]

pandemic fatigue had me burning out

I was really, really tired.Not a normal tired, but some sort of lethargic fatigue overtook me..Part burn-out from pandemic stress, racist monsters, missing my Mom.That’s why I amped up my Self-Care in October..I knew it was a pivotal point of no return if I didn’t do something different..Every womxn I’ve spoken to in the last […]

Lakshmi message

I’ve been steeping in abundance mantras to help myself and to serve as a catalyst to help my clients. So much of what we experience is all or nothing in the way we feel it and apply it to our lives. For instance we are either living from Abundance Mentality or we are not. Scarcity […]