What’s a Dosha?

What’s a Dosha?

#Ayurvedic philosophy is grounded in the belief that the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) manifest in everything. These 5 elements are expressed in 3 Doshas which are a combination of 2 elements:

Vata = Ether and Air
Pitta = Fire and Water
Kapaha = Earth and Water

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Each person has a unique combination of Doshas from the time of conception. Each Dosha has characteristics that manifest physically, mentally and emotionaly in our bodies. Ayurveda strives to balance these Doshas using a combination of lifestyle choices and diet.

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vata pitta kapha chart

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Northwest Yoga Conference 2016 My Schedule

My schedule at Northwest Yoga Conference is SUPER JUICY!

March 4th 12pm Beauty from the Inside Out: The Ayurveda Way

March 4th 4pm-6pm Removing the Obstacles to Your Happiness The Yoga Sutras Unplugged

March 5th 4pm-6pm Hip Hip Hooray! For the Care and Feeding of your Honeypot smile emoticon

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Cleansing is Spiritual

For many years, I have seen how my yoga practice moves me back to a mindful, centered perspective. If I stop practicing yoga, I become off-center like a scale no longer able to calibrate to zero. The asana practice resets me back to a balanced point. When I am balanced, I make more mindful decisions. – ‪#‎SilviaMordini‬ via Gaiam TV

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