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Bali Temples the Sacred as Ordinary

Bali is often referred to as the “island of a thousand temples.” In fact there are 9 directional temples in Bali to ward off evil spirits. However, some would say there are more temples than homes with well over 11,000. When traveling through Bali your classroom is found by walking through rice fields to temples. Hiking […]

Your Greatest Happiness in 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters, My dedication to 2016 is founded in promoting core values of Radical self-love and Spiritual self-care inspired by kindness. I am devoted to waking us up to be the Kings and Queens of Consciousness for our own lives. This is the year we all STEP UP to choosing our greatest happiness. […]

Teach Your Children

One of my 2015 highlights? The children of Bali! I am honored to return year after year bringing music, yoga, laughter. All those things where we share the same language. Join me & Jim Beckwith Music thru www.AlchemyTours.com on my ‪#‎Bali‬‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ March 27 – April 3, 2016 Feel the Love. Give Love. $300 OFF early birds! Email hello@alchemytours.com [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6OiKCrOwWA]

Rice Field Tours of Bali Take a Breathing Break

The energy of Bali is unlike anywhere else in the world. There is a magic that exists and nowhere can you feel it more than in the Balinese Rice Fields that are so part of the culture. We include this Tour of rice terraces on our annual Alchemy Tours ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬. We will be back again March 27 […]

Napping in the Sunshine in Bali

91 days until I’m back napping in 80 degrees everyday sunshine in ‪#‎Bali‬! ❤🙏😀✌ Is this finally the year you say YES & join me on my March 27-April 2016 ‪#‎yogaretreat‬? My Fun co-leader is none other than songwriter/singer Jim Beckwith who lives his musical Bhakti in a big way. 🎶🎶 And as a love […]

Love Wins and Sweet Blessings

Sweet Blessings Brothers & Sisters! This is the seed time of the year (the longest night of Winter and shortest light) as today we mark the rebirth of the Sun. The light returns, the Sun King is victorious. In other words, “Love Wins!” One of the names Bali is known by is “Island of Love.” It’s true, there […]

Soften Your View

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” ― Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden It’s really all about ‪#‎perspective‬. Mindfulness practice teaches us that we create the world from the inside out. You see what you see with the eyes of your heart. Today soften the view. […]

Good Karma in Bali

I can’t wait to hold hands with my Good Karma Sisters Allison Yost & Jenn Spafford in Bali March 27-April 3, 2016! We are going to have an amazing time in all ways. Just one of which is volunteering at a local Elementary School, bringing the kids school supplies, teaching some yoga, making music, singing songs & cheering them […]

Affordable Bali Yoga Retreat $695

Did you see our new option CHOOSE your own lodging $695? EARLY BIRDS SAVE BY CHRISTMAS!! 8 Days of Bhakti Bliss! Double with Private Bath: $1395 per person – SAVE $200 Single with Private Bath: $1595 – SAVE $300 Do you feel our VIBE? Join our tribe! Hosted by Jim Beckwith Music & Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness […]