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Attract a Healthy Relationship: The Power of Self-Love

We attract the same quality of relationship based on the one we are having with ourselves. Cultivating a profound love and acceptance for who we are lays the groundwork for meaningful connections with others. The journey to attract a healthy relationship is not a pursuit external to us but rather a profound exploration inward, resonating […]

Power of Compassion

When Dr. Doty took the stage, the crowd was rapt. “I was like you. I believed if I did everything to be successful I’d be happy,” he said, as he shared his history of being both a successful dot-com entrepreneur and philanthropist, donating over $29 million to charity. He came from nothing. When he was […]

I started Calling That Girl Back

A new beginning, a rebirth…I started calling that girl back!!.I asked myself what do I need?.I need to know my pleasure matters.Because my pleasure is the source of all abundance..I need to know my vulnerability is honoredBecause always being strong weakens me.I need to be seen.Because my authenticity is a celebration of spirit.I need to […]

the meaning of compassion from yoga sutras to the bible

Chapter 1.33 in the Yoga Sutras teaches that compassion, known as Karuna in sanskrit, is a natural remedy to thoughts or feelings of hatred or harm. It is one way to purify the mind and increase serenity in the face of suffering. The definition of compassion, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the “sympathetic consciousness of others’ […]