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My Mission to Decolonize the Yoga industry

My mission for 20 years has been to decolonize the yoga industry..I do this by offering Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Trainings that look like the real world, inclusive of everyone, intercultural and respecting of intersectionality..Alchemy of Yoga is for the big-dreamers, changemakers, social activists, life changers, peace leaders, healers, lightworkers, blue rays, those who believe […]

4 Ways to Decolonize Yoga Teacher Training

Reality is that Yoga as part of Wellness is historically white centered, patriarchal, affluent, misogynist, sexist, ableist, ageist and not inclusive. I’ve spent twenty years trying to change this. Here are 4 key areas to dive into to help decolonize yoga teacher trainings. 1 is this training accessible? 2 does it recognize privilege 3 how […]

Good-bye 2020 letter

Dear 2020, Good-bye. I am thankful for all the doors that were closed to me this year because it opened my heart even more. Thank you for helping me deepen my love for myself. I have learned how to cherish myself more than ever before. Spending months and months safe in my home with only […]