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The Decline of Attention Span: A Look at How It Affects Us

Have you ever noticed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus on one thing for a long period of time? Maybe you used to love watching long movies or documentaries, but now find yourself struggling to sit through them. Or perhaps you used to be able to read a book for hours on end, but […]


Concentrating re-trains your brain to pay attention and mono-task. This returns you to living in the present moment, and allows us to, as John Donohue writes, “Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.” Reducing distraction is the ultimate act of self-compassion. If you stay on the distraction track, you […]

5 Ways Meditation Lessens Distraction by Silvia Mordini on Do You Yoga

5 Ways Meditation Lessens Distraction We live in an increasingly chaotic world where everything is sped up and super sized. We are constantly being stimulated by the immediacy of technology. We are distracted thousands of times a day externally and a million more times internally. It’s not getting any easier; technology has made it harder […]

3 Tips To Stop Getting Distracted By Your Cellphone All The Time by Silvia Mordini

Are you over distracted? I’m here to help. Here are my 3 tips via #MindBodyGreen 1. Reduce the tendency to multi-task. Though we think we’re being more productive, multi-tasking actually reduces our focus, increases stress and reduces overall productivity. It can actually lead us to increased mental and physical fatigue in the long run. Click […]