How to Live in Inspired Life


Yoga is about wholeness, health, and vital living. It is about a life inspired in body, mind, and spirit. Through movement, meditation, discussion, and journaling, we will explore the vast resources related to How to Live an INSPIRED Life by focusing on the last three niyamas or personal practices that comprise the Alchemy of Yoga. These are necessary for bringing about real, lasting change and cultivating inner happiness and spiritual bliss.


Experience the alchemy of the five elements, the four directions, and the chakra system as an inner and outer map of transformation. These are archetypal and energetic maps that are as metaphorical as they are very real and embodied. Everything we see, taste, touch, feel, and do can be interpreted through the gateway of the elements, directions, and chakras.

We will learn how to tap into these sacred relationships and align ourselves with their alchemy in order to gain insight into healing our psyche, emotions, and well-being.

When you join together in a Kula (“community of the heart”), we are all the Alchemist in his/her laboratory mixing the ingredients. As alchemist yogis, our laboratory is our mat and the ingredients are our bodies, our poses, our breath, our thoughts. Mixing it all together creates a different result every time and changes your life! You wake up to the power you have to go into the lab of your life experience and mix the potions you want to create your most INSPIRED life!

Water is Sacred

Alchemy of Yoga School July 1-21: Elemental ‪#‎Heart‬ Medicine

“Streaming fluids flood our cells, washing through endless river ways of veins, and capillaries in the vast poem of hydrological cycle.” -John Seed and Joanna Macy

Water is sacred. It is essential for the maintenance of life on Earth. Our bodies are 60-70% water. The majority of the Earth’s surface is water. But what is the state of that water: water within us and water outside us? It is up to us to do our part to heal the precious Waters of our dear Mother Earth. We begin by healing ourselves, treating our own lives as sacred and special. This is the ‪#‎AlchemyofYoga‬

Yoga School held at DiviniTree Yoga & Arts Studioi West lovingly guided by Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach

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Air Alchemy Yoga Playlist

Philosophical Theme: Grace in Transitions

Name      Time      Album      Artist
1 Window 3:44 In a Safe Place The Album Leaf
2 Night 5:55 Midival Punditz Midival Punditz
3 Caravan Dream (feat. Go Ray & D… 6:40 Rock Beats Paper EarthRise SoundSystem
4 Mystery of Life 5:35 Endangered Species Nickodemus
5 The Maha Mantra (Reggae Style) 9:05 Sounds of Beloved Festival 2012 C.C. White
6 Track 11 4:30 De Paso Resto – Puerto Viejo Keiner+Carl
7 May All Beings 6:22 Sounds of Tadasana EarthRise SoundSystem
8 Deep Forest 5:34 Deep Forest
9 Wandering 6:59 Tanguru Ayub Ogada & Union Nowhere
10 The Obvious 3:46 These Changing Skies Elephant Revival
11 Bodhisattva 4:02 While You Were Sleeping José James
12 White Tara (Anusara Mix) 6:46 Arcana Jef Stott
13 Same Sun 5:47 Grains (Bonus Track Version) Boozoo Bajou
14 Fading Blues 4:29 Moving On Hird
15 Revathi Mystical Power 8:32 Classical Indian Flute – Featuring… Music for Deep Meditation
16 An Ending (Ascent) 4:17 28 Days Later (The Soundtrack Al… Brian Eno