What Have you Truly Loved Up to Now?

❤️ What have you truly loved up to now? ❤️
It’s easy to simply go about the routine of our days and not give enough consideration to what is it that we truly love. We so often confuse “liking” something learned from social media like Facebook that we’ve forgotten what it means to truly LOVE. This is something totally different, something where the volume is turned up louder than a mere, “that’s ok” sort of liking.

Take time today to consider what is it that you truly love, what have you loved and what will you love tomorrow with all your heart.
“Let the youthful soul look back on life with the question: what have you truly loved up to now, what has elevated your soul, what has mastered it and at the same time delighted it?
Place these venerated objects before you in a row, and perhaps they will yield for you, through their nature and their sequence, a law, the fundamental law of your true self.
Compare these objects, see how one complements, expands, surpasses, transfigures another, how they form a stepladder upon which you have climbed up to yourself as you are now; for your #true nature lies, not hidden deep within you, but immeasurably high above you, or at least above that which you normally take to be yourself.”
― Friedrich #Nietzsche
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Passion for Life By Silvia Mordini

Did you wake up today loving your life?

Don’t you want to wake-up filled with energy and enthusiasm?
Are you doing things because you love to do them or because you feel like you should do them? What percentage of the time would you say you live like that? Well, if you are spending more of your time doing stuff because you feel like you have to instead of wanting to, then you’ve discovered a simple formula for misery.
Take the first step to get clear on what “sparks JOY” by asking yourself “what are you passionate about?” What stokes enthusiasm so much so that you can feel it in your body, whether it’s a smile on your face or sitting up a little taller in your seat. This helps you define the purpose of your passion.
Second step is write it down.
Now you may ask, why write it if we can just think about it? Because science tells us that by writing out your goals on a piece of paper you send a red flag to your subconscious mind that these thoughts are more important than the other 59,999 ones you’ll have today! It gives the other thoughts directions and where your energy goes it grows.
This also helps you to filter out what is unimportant so you can focus first on what’s most important. You will enjoy life more fully if you stop focusing on the minor stuff and figure out what you want to major in life. The key thing to keep in mind is that you can have fun while you’re progressing along your path. You can reclaim the joy of waking up each day excited about your life!
So ask yourself right now: “Where are you going, what path are you on; Are you excited about the direction? If I could choose to make any adventure which one would you do next?”
Have you always dreamed of doing yoga on the beach in Bali? Or maybe you’ve dreamed of living under the Tuscan sun in Italy or to challenge yourself climbing the beautiful red rocks of Moab or surfing in Costa Rica? Then today journal about what lights up your life with passion. Plan your life’s next big adventure and make it happen. Stop holding back from what you really want to experience!
And from this passion for life you will be transformed or as Pantanjali says in the Yoga Sutras, “When you are inspired by some great purpose all of your thoughts break their bonds; your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world!” Be the cause of your own future happiness! Start planning the next wonderful adventure doing what you love!
Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia Mordini.

More inspiration at www.silviamordini.com

The First Ten Minutes are the MOST Important

Walter Mosley writes, “Every day we wake up is a good day. Every breath that we take is filled with hope for a better day, Every word that we speak is a chance to change what is bad into something good.” If you are waking up dreading the day, worried about the hours ahead of you and already wishing you could be done with it and back in bed, well, that’s a problem. The first thing we grasp upon awakening shouldn’t be our blackberry or i-device, it should be the most positive thought that guides our dharma. This singular thought, since our conscious brain can only hold one at a time, inspires the quality of the rest of our day through sheer enthusiasm. And yoga teaches us that what you spend the energy of your thoughts focused upon grows bigger.

DSCF9803The first ten minutes of your day are the most important. Whether you lay there and choose a mantra or positive affirmation, or make a point NOT to reach for your iPhone and check email it sets the course for the kind of energy you will attract. Manage your own mind as if your mind was a computer and you were setting up the OS to run in the background all day. We do that to make the computer run more smoothly. We can do that to make ourselves harness the power of our thoughts.

My routine is to say to myself upon waking: I love myself, I am love, I offer love, I receive love. Then I sit up and meditate 11-30 minutes. I can feel from that the most important thoughts I want to lead my day with from there.

And in the words of Robin Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, “You will wake up every morning with a limitless reservoir of energy and enthusiasm. All your thoughts will be focused on your definite objective. You won’t have time to waste time. Valuable mental power will, therefore, not be wasted on trifling thoughts. You will automatically erase the worry habit and become far more effective and productive. Interestingly, you will also have a deep sense of inner harmony, as if you are somehow being guided to realize your mission. It is a wonderful feeling.”

Importance of Enthusiasm

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.” – Roald Dahl

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