Loving Reminder: Put self-care first

Journaling Life Love Latte

Here are 10 journaling questions inspired by themes of renewal, letting go, and service for “Coffee Chat with Catalina: Life, Love, and Latte first episode: What emotions or sensations arise within me when I think about the new chapter I’m entering in my life? When I reflect on my passions and dreams, what specific activities […]

Navigating Life’s Chaos: The Art of Attention Management

Introduction: The Dance of Distractions In a world filled with incessant notifications, pinging messages, and the ever-present hum of activity, the challenge to manage our attention is more pressing than ever before. Amid this symphony of stimuli, it’s crucial to decipher what deserves our focus and what can be gracefully ignored. In this blog, we’ll […]

Powerful September Affirmations

There’s a unique sense of transition in the September breeze. It’s a time when the world undergoes a transformation, shedding its lush greenery for a magnificent display of reds, oranges, and yellows. But beyond the external changes, September carries a special energy for personal growth and renewal. It’s a time when we can harness the […]