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Give Mindfulness a Try: 5 Simple Practices for Daily Living

Let’s talk about something that is really important, despite being something that we all need to make time for: mindfulness. Yes, mindfulness. Taking time away from the chaos of the world in order to be present and engaged with the here and now. Now, if you’re like me and often get caught up in the […]

Are you having racing thoughts?

Is your answer YES to any of these questions? ⁣ Are you in survival mode racing around in fight or flight response all day?⁣.⁣ Are you sick and tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed?⁣.⁣ Is peace what you crave most in year ⁣2 of a worldwide pandemic?⁣.⁣ Do you have racing thoughts? ⁣.⁣What are racing […]