Loving Reminder: Put self-care first

10 Journaling Prompts to Illuminate Your Path

Introduction: The journey of a year is like a winding road, filled with its share of peaks and valleys. As we step into the final four months of the year, it’s an opportune time to pause, reflect, and set our intentions. Life is not a mere sequence of days; it’s the collection of moments and […]

Cultivating Happiness: 3 Transformative Tips for a Joyful Life

Greetings, wonderful souls! In today’s bustling world, where chaos often reigns, our pursuit of happiness becomes both a noble endeavor and an essential one. Join me as we delve into three impactful tips that can contribute to growing your happiness, one mindful step at a time. Mindfulness: Nurturing Calm Within In the midst of our […]

Happiness Journaling

‪#‎HappinessRx‬: Happiness is a daily practice. It is a conscious choice. Journaling about your happiness directs your thoughts to attract more like thoughts. Here are a few journaling prompts to inspire you! Big Love! Does happiness give you energy? How do you show your happiness? How do you celebrate happiness in your life? What happens […]