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4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Taking time out of your hectic schedule to take care of yourself—to recharge your soul—is vitally important. Here are four ways you can do just that: 1. Spend time in nature. Being surrounded by the peacefulness and beauty of nature can help you relax and center yourself. A few minutes spent in the garden or […]

5 Strategies to Help You Understand What You Want

“You must always know what it is you want.” – Paulo Coelho In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to stay focused on our goals and keep our desires in view. But it’s essential to understand what we want in order to be successful and achieve our hopes and dreams. Here are five strategies […]

You Have to Practice Being Who You Want to Be

Todays Reminder: Be Your BEST Self. Practice being the most aspirational version of you. True story: You have to practice being who you want to be. You don’t just wake up one morning and suddenly you’re who you think you want to be. YOU have to put some energy into it!!! Today is the day […]

Do you put off things that bring you joy?

Hey everyone, today I want to talk about why now is the time to get started living your dream life. Paulo Coelho once said “Now, I’m beginning what I could have started ten years ago. But I’m happy at least that I didn’t wait twenty years.” For too long, many of us have made excuses, […]

INSPIRE Series on YouTube with 52 Videos

I kept my promise to YOU. And I’m really proud of that. I pledged to create 52 videos for my INSPIRE series & I did! –> instead I posted 61! Videos Resolving Restlessness Are you Addicted to Drama? The Power of Reflection If You’re Struggling right now Watch This Why it’s important to Learn how […]

Hesitation as the Biggest Obstacle to Happiness

Hesitation has been one of my BIGGEST obstacles to happiness.Known as Samsaya in the #YogaSutras. It’s why I understand the “Power of NOW” – the importance of “right timing.” This comes from Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali which I talk about in real people terms here: https://youtu.be/hqoErpvFKxQ (click below). What […]

Be Happy

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My resolution for every day, not just every year: ‪ #‎behappy‬ 🙏 ‪#‎samakonasana‬ ‪#‎baja‬ ‪#‎namaste‬ ‪#‎loveyourlife‬

Stop Waiting. This is it.

“For just one second, look at your life and see how perfect it is. Stop looking for the next secret door that is going to lead you to your real life. Stop waiting. This is it: there’s nothing else. It’s here, and you’d better decide to enjoy it or you’re going to be miserable wherever […]


“A Meaningful Life is not being rich, being popular, or being perfect. It Is about being real, being humble, being strong and being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others. It Is only then that we could have a full, happy and contented life.” Unknown Lens: @pranadelmar ‪#‎jimbeckwith‬ ‪#‎travel‬ ‪#‎writer‬ ‪#‎wanderlust‬ ‪#‎courage‬‪#‎strength‬

Why I’m Quitting and You Should Too

I am proud of the lifetime of trial and error it took to gather the experience to write this article which took over 2 years to complete. My best advice? “Life is too short to settle. “Don’t settle. Don’t finish crappy books. If you don’t like the menu, leave the restaurant. If you’re not on […]