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Cultivating Ordinary Courage: Keeping Your Heart Soft

Life can present us with countless challenges, and it’s no secret that it can sometimes leave us feeling battered and bruised. However, amidst the hardships, there is an extraordinary act of courage that lies within each of us – the ability to wake up every day with a soft heart, regardless of what life throws […]

How to Pick a Yoga School

I know picking a ‪#‎yogaschool‬ is harder today than ever. I see new programs pop up every single day. What @AlchemyofYoga offers you is 10 years of heartfelt support, love and experience. You’ll also join our ‪#‎Alchemy‬ family of more than 21 ‪#‎teachertraining‬ ‪#‎tribes‬ worldwide. We are continuously motivated to enhance our program and its tools to help you become the best […]

Essence of Self-Study – To Make You Think

For 10 years I’ve held sacred space for self-study through @alchemyofyoga RYT200 Teacher Training. My program has been dedicated to the study of the SELF, through the self, to the self because this is the purest ‪#‎Alchemy‬ of Yoga. My intention in serving as your mentor is to “get you to think.” It goes way beyond teaching […]