Loving Reminder: Put self-care first

Determination to Begin Again

I taught class today with this theme based upon one of my all time favorite mantras: Begin Again. Every day we wake up and our hair is a mess, our bed is rumpled and what we do next matters. In the words of Robert Frost, “First thing I do in the morning is make up […]

Shadow and Light Plenty of Both in 2015

Shadow & Light. There have been plenty of both in 2015. Full on recapitulation going on now. Clearing space. This year was a reminder that it’s possible to be a happy sad person or sad happy person. The peaks were higher than ever before and other times I was brought to my knees. As a […]

Walk in Beauty Lindsey Wise

So excited to watch the Big LOVE in support of Lindsey Wise ‪#‎Indiiegogo‬ campaign to create 5 CD’s of heart songs, medicine songs and healing mantras. Lindsey is a mama, musician, healer, doula, yoga teacher, voice coach, and a transformational guide. Her life’s work is to inspire love, healing, authenticity, and happiness. She is an example of what […]

Meditation – Distraction vs Disturbance by Silvia Mordini

We live in an increasingly chaotic world where everything is sped up and super-sized. We are constantly being stimulated by the immediacy of technology. We are distracted thousands of times a day externally and a million more times internally. It’s not getting any easier; technology has made it harder for us to focus. There is […]

Venus Mantra Meditation at Spirit Rock

Someone got a new singing bowl today at Spirit Rock Meditation center. In order to activate it I hiked up the sunny hill sat amidst flowers and sang out the #VenusMantra Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times. When you hear it’s sound, you’ll feel the sound of love vibrate through you! This mantra is fully activated with […]

Alchemy of Earth Yoga Playlist

Name Time Album Artist 1 Shanti (Peace Out) 6:59 Elephant Power MC YOGI 2 The Setting Sun 3:32 The Rise of Downtempo Dub Sutra 3 Jai Ma 7:38 Sounds of Tadasana Annmarie Solo 4 Tango to Evora 4:10 The Visit Loreena McKennitt 5 Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) 4:41 Fallen Light Phaeleh 6 Lazy Calm 6:35 Stars […]

Saturn Mantra for Meditation

OM SHAM SHANAYE NAMAHA Chant 108 times at a sitting. Fully activated after 23,000 repetitions. Benefits? Promotes calm and forgiveness. Earth energy. Root chakra. Gives peace when faced with difficulties. Relieves stress and anxiety. This mantra will slow down your mind, giving it stability and rest. Promotes sleep. Antidote to insomnia.