3 Minute Meditation to Set Intention

The sound track to this video uploaded yesterday is a 3 Minute Meditation to Set Intention
Consider how you want to live?
Take a few moments to ask yourself “what is my intention for today?”
Take a moment to think of your intention as an internal sense of direction. Find it in your body and quiet your mind. Next bring your thoughts to that place of inspiration and possibility, your intention like a magnet drawing to you all the opportunities, teachers, support and anything else you may need to achieve the outcome you seek.
#Manifest your BEST Life. Live with Intention.
I hope you enjoy this new video 🙂 And if yoga teacher training is one of your intentions then feel into it.
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Recovering Perfectionist Embracing Messy Life

Real life. A little messy.
I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am in love with imperfect people. I find beauty in imperfection. My favorite personal moments are right after yoga when I’m unshowered, or when I first wake up in the morning, taking off my helmet after a long scooter ride or after 24 hour travel days.
I relate easiest to rumpled people who aren’t afraid to show me what they look like when they cry ugly. My fellow travelers who wear the same three outfits for three months. The natural fashionistas who make magic with two scarves and a hat. You are beautiful to me after you’ve danced wildly for an hour and aren’t just “glowing” but are so sweaty your clothes are sticky. I am happiest together when we eat with pure joy and I see little bits fall on your lap and you’re not embarrassed. I appreciate people who gobble up cookies or gelato and aren’t afraid to wear some around the corners of their mouth. I love meeting you on the beach when the wind has whipped your hair around in an odd way. I really like it when you make that weird face. I especially love when you turn the wrong way in yoga or lift your other right leg up.
Honestly, your messiest side is what I like most about you. 😊
I’ve learned more about compassion and forgiveness from my most imperfect relationships. To me perfection is a delusion based on pretending to be what others want us to be. It is the contrary to authenticity. I’d rather we just be ourselves.
I’m enamored with places in the world like Bali where the chaos is in plain view instead of hidden away under ground. I’ve come to appreciate exposed wires and chickens wondering around and no traffic lights. I don’t see flaws I see diversity. I travel to places where I can’t control the outcomes and where life is messy on the surface but underneath things are calm. Instead of what it’s like in the USA where our imperfections are hidden from sight but inside we are falling apart.
Even right now I have what you might think are too many windows open on my laptop. My fridge isn’t as orderly as it could be and my underwear drawer is pure chaos. My socks keep losing their mates and there’s constantly sand in my Birkenstock clogs. I have a ton of little tubes of almost finished creams and 5 tooth brushes that finally feel soft enough.
The best experiences of life are messy.
Sex, eating, sleeping.
What I know is that if we wait until we think we’re good enough, perfect enough, to really live fully and do what we want, well the truth is the waiting will be forever.
So we might as well get on with it. And along the way give grace to everyone we meet who are just doing the best they can too, imperfectly.
Today do me a favor, give someone a second chance. Maybe that means you.
And let go of the self Shaming when you don’t get things “right” the first, second or third time. That’s the name of one of my books, “A Third Chance.”
Oh, by the way, I am a recovering perfectionist. I healed myself by #meditating more, traveling the world, and allowing love but also pain to be my teachers.

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Before Sleep Gratefulness Meditation

Before sleep gratefulness #meditation:
I am grateful for… Being myself
I am grateful for… Communication
I am grateful for… Understanding
I am grateful for… Compassion
I am grateful for… Intelligence
I am grateful for… Intuition
I am grateful for… The things I can learn
I am grateful for… The opportunity to help others
I am grateful for… Smiles
I am grateful for… The presence of God
I am grateful for… The wonder of Nature
I am grateful for… The sensations of my body
I am grateful for… The love and caring I receive
I am grateful for… The ever-changing weather
I am grateful for… Interesting ideas that can motivate and inspire me
I am grateful for… The people in my life
I am grateful for… The love within my heart
I am grateful for… My friends
I am grateful for… My family
I am grateful for… My partner
I am grateful for… My possessions
I am grateful for… My clothes
I am grateful for… My meals
I am grateful for… My home
I am grateful for… My work
I am grateful for… Music, books, films, art
I am grateful for… The Internet
I am grateful for… The ability to feel great!
I am grateful for… Abundance that surrounds all of us
I am grateful for… Having so many ways to share my creativity with the world
I am grateful for… The positive changes occurring daily in my life
I am grateful for… All my clients / students
I am grateful for… Those who connect with me on the Internet
I am grateful for… All the animals in the world
I am grateful for… My human rights
I am grateful for… My liberty
I am grateful for… My values
I am grateful for… My beliefs
I am grateful for… My creativity
I am grateful for… Those who maintain the civilization around me
I am grateful for… People who have fought to protect my way of life
I am grateful for… The beauty that surrounds me everywhere I go
I am grateful for… My health and the health of those I love
I am grateful for… Life itself
Right now, I am most grateful for…

Learn to Meditate You’ve Got This!

“If I just get still long enough
I’ll be reunited
The coming together
Is getting closer
I feel it”
You’ve totally got this!
You can learn to #meditate thru 7daysof.love
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Let’s try a little bit right now with one of my favorite simple meditations from the Yoga Sutras. Practice daily for #7daysoflove
please take a comfortable seat
close your eyes
allow your body to settle
bring your attention to your breath
watch it without trying to control it
observe the breath moving in and out of the body
bring your attention to your #heart
visualize the presence of a golden white light within the heart
the heart is the centre of consciousness
allow this divine Light to glow softly and radiate it’s light throughout the whole body
feel the presence of a luminous light radiating optimism, hope and faith throughout your entire being
feel completely immersed in the light of love
surrender to be mindfullyin.love
For the rest of this meditation, the audio version and #Love Guidebook with mindful journaling exercises sign up today.
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Why I Felt Ashamed of Being in Love with Love

“I am in love with love
and love is in love with me.”

Even my elementary school friends new this to be true about me. Even earlier, I’m certain my Ecuadorian Grandmother knew this. She was from the angel realm and deeply connected to spirit. She saw my essence was as a #Bhakti Yogi, way before I knew what that was. ❤️
This month I’ve been at my Mom’s house going thru boxes of school girl treasures including old diaries. I also found my drawings and paintings all inspired by #love. My girlhood days were spent in love with love. I wrote about love, thought about love, drew what love felt like, played piano like love, danced with love and smiled to send love to the sun.

In some way I recall each day completely absorbed in making love my world. This sounds just like meditation which is first described in the Yoga Sutras by Pantanjali in chapter 1 verse 2 as “yoga happens when your mind becomes quiet.” That was the way I would describe the impact love had on me in those days and now. In the eight limbed path of yoga focusing away from the distractions of too many pulls of energy is pratayhara, meditation known as dhyana in sanskrit is the 6th limb, the 7th limb is dharana ‘the art of concentration” and finally enlightenment, bliss state is samadhi.

Samadhi means ecstasy. Yes, for certain I’ve felt these altered moments of bliss when in love with love, experiencing it, receiving it, offering it, surrounding myself with it. All four of these aspects of the eight limbed path of yoga can be considered “meditation.”

At some point I remember starting to feel embarrassed for Loving love and my devotion became more secretive. Somehow I thought it wasn’t “normal” to pray about love so much. Focusing my time and energy on love I heard through societal messaging wasn’t serious or important enough. I was shamed by other comments that it was a “girl thing” as if being engaged with the sacred feminine was a negative.
❤️ My #meditation and #yoga practice freed me up from the shame I carried feeling afraid that I loved love too much. I learned an entire philosophy around love and was able to intellectually prove its value.
It was by meditating (same thing I did as a girl, concentrating daily and holding attention to a single source) that I purposely devoted my life life to the #dharma of love.
This is why I define myself as a LOVE #Alchemist.
We can all use more time mediating about love in all ways: self-love, universal love, soulmate love.
I have a FREE program to share with you called 7daysof.love.
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How to Meditate – No Wrong Way

Starting and sustaining a #meditation practice is one of the key Happiness Prescriptions I follow everyday. It’s the heart of my teachings.
1. Sit down
2. Stop moving
3. Repeat every day.
The actual sitting down and just being with yourself is where most people stop. They believe there is some right or wrong way to be still. Truthfully, that’s just your ego’s way of trying to tell you you’re no good at it before you even started. The ego also loves to try and tell you that you’ll do it wrong.
☮️ Do not listen, drop that story!
This is why it’s called a meditation #practice. There’s no need to be perfect in your practice. We all have good days and bad days. It’s the same with meditation. You will have great experiences and seemingly not so great ones.
I’d love to inspire you to TRY #meditation ❤️
Join me #AlchemyofYoga Founder Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach and my Co-host Greg Love @iamgreglove on instagram.
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You Gotta Nourish to Flourish

🌟You gotta nourish to flourish. 🌟
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If I Asked You To Name All the Things You Love

If I asked you to name all the things you LOVE,
How long would it take you to name yourself?
In this 5 day cycle of the #fullmoon (ending Jan 3) with the water element of emotion so strong, can you honestly say you love yourself first?
This is the year, starting today, that you are on the top of your love list. #LoveYourself and you will be aligned with the energy of divine love that so wants you to receive the blessings of the world.
Only once we make deposits in our love bank do we have more love to give to our Beloveds. Put the oxygen mask on first they tell us after we board a plane. Well in 2018 let’s do this.
Love yourself, #loveyourday, #loveyourlife! 💕
Sign up for our FREE 7daysof.love & you’ll receive 7 guided audio meditations and a comprehensive Love Guidebook filled with inspiration and meditation wisdom.
Fall in love with yourself, with the world, with your life!
Hosted by Greg Love @iamgreglove on instagram & me @inspiredyogagal.
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My Chicago Love Letter Thank you I’m sorry Please forgive me

Thank you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

Ho’oponopono  atonement is a reconciliation, an overcoming of what has come before.It’s the gateway stepped through to become a better, more complete individual.  Sometimes this process is making up for a past wrong, at other times it is overcoming a crucible, a test, a major obstacle or challenge where we win the game, complete the degree, finish writing the novel we’ve put off writing for years, sell the product, do the thing we thought we couldn’t.  Meditation is one of my favorite meditations. You can read more about it in the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale.

The Practice of Ho’oponopono
Begin by simply repeating the four phrases together:
I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.
I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

Although different mindfulness teachers will change the order of the 4 statements, I have found it profoundly moving no matter the order. Read more about this below.

The truth is I left Chicago as part of an escape to get away from an abusive relationship. My hero’s journey chose me. I didn’t plan on it. I loved my life in Chicagoland, in most parts. I especially felt deep fulfillment being the steward of Total Body Yoga. The Known World of my family and friends was everything to me. And not a day has gone by these last 7 years that I haven’t missed my old life in Vernon Hills. I never wanted to lose everything I owned, everything I knew, everyone I loved.

The Known World: What I remember most was feeling afraid for myself. I lacked essential freedoms. I wanted a way out of this hiding behind a perfect life because it wasn’t that way for me. (I’m sorry I had to leave.)

The Threshold: Towards the end of year 2 1/2 of my divorce process (which I didn’t make public) I met a man on a train in Italy who happened to live in Seattle. He was this Guardian for me and I was an Angel for him. The magic of our immediate connection was what gave me the courage to take steps to leave my familiar life in Vernon Hills. I started living in Seattle 1/1/10. (Thank you for amplifying my confidence.)

The Challenges: The experience of living on the other side of the United States without any family or friends was the next hardest thing I had ever had to face. What I missed most about “home” was my TRIBE at total body yoga. My community meant everything to me. They were my spiritual family unlike any I’ve ever known. Our time together was the mystical heart medicine I needed to heal while in my marriage. They supported me, they protected me, they believed in me, they inspired me to be my best self. Most of all, they loved me unconditionally. I finally felt no longer abandoned or alone which were wounds I carried half my life after the sudden death of my Father. I love you all so much and have carried the burden of shame in disappearing without proper closure and ritual.

The other challenges in going to the UNKNOWN territory are the usual suspects and more. I will be sharing the details in my Hero’s Journey Musings this month. (Please forgive me for not doing a better job at saying goodbye.)

Transformation: I traveled the world these years seeking answers. I found them. I met and studied intently with my best teachers: Great Spirit, my pain, my joy, divine love, sunshine, soft baby grass, and the blessed waters that fill our rivers and oceans. I have also studied with today’s great master teachers both names you know and those you don’t know. I invested in myself. I was selfish in order to transmute my pain into lessons. I was also very lonely.

I felt like I had to do this alone. I was wrong for that. I wasn’t strong enough to allow you to see me weak, confused, failing, trying, over efforting. I assumed you didn’t want to see my struggle. I incorrectly believed that you only loved me if I was perfect. Through this all rightly or wrongly I transformed. (I love you for giving me another chance to befriend you.)

Revelation: So many things have been revealed but one of the most important is what Brene Brown teaches, our vulnerability is our greatest strength. Letting go of control is essential to be born again fully into this life. Not only is surrender required for spiritual growth, once you think you are there then you must surrender MORE. Surrounding ourselves with people that accept us as we are without judgement makes ordinary happiness easier to maintain.

The Atonement: I stayed many dragons during these 7 years away from Chicagoland. Atonement is defined as a reconciliation, an overcoming of what has come before.It’s the gateway stepped through to become a better, more complete individual.  Sometimes this process is making up for a past wrong, at other times it is overcoming a crucible, a test, a major obstacle or challenge, complete the degree, finish writing the novel we’ve put off writing for years, do the thing we thought we couldn’t.

I mostly have met myself as the greatest saboteur to my happiness. I teach people now from the Yoga Sutras “How to unblock the obstacles to Happiness.” First I had to figure out what was holding me back only to discover my greatest obstacles was me. Once I recognized this everything changed. We get strongest through our weakest side, we are capable of anything.

The Return: The Hero returns to everyday life at a higher spiritual level and with the gifts gained along the way.

Yes I am back. I hope you will allow me to be welcomed back.

At the very least I hope you offer me a second chance at being a better friend, teacher, guide, leader of inspiration. It took me 7 years to get to this point. I couldn’t do it faster than this because everything has been for my SOUL’s growth and evolution. Now I’d be honored if you allow me to share the magical lessons I’ve gained so as to make it easier for you to love yourself, love your day, love your life!

Thank you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.

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The universe is offering us many signs this is going to be a most loving year. With today’s #wolf #fullmoon I feel the swelling of passion growing. All we have to do is surrender ever more to vulnerability and grace to feel goodness flowing towards us.

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Together let’s amplify the light of love and make the conscious choice to be happy.

Happiest blessed 2018!
Love in all ways,

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