Meditation is like Aerobic Exercise for Your Mind

“Meditation is to the mind what aerobic exercise is to the body. Like exercise, there are many good ways to do it and you can find the one that suits you best. Meditation is the quintessential training of attention. Since attention is like a vacuum cleaner – sucking its contents into your brain through what’s called “experience-dependent neuroplasticity” – getting better control of your attention is the foundation of changing your brain, and thus your life, for the better.” – Rick Hanson, neuropsychologist and author of Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom
Just like aerobic exercise the only way to get the benefit of #Meditation is to do it.
I would be honored to teach you #mindfulness meditation on a #yogaretreat or #yogateachertraining or invite me to your #yoga studio to lead a workshop.

Peace Mantra

The dream that won’t let me fall back asleep in this lifetime is to #teachpeace

So today try a reciting a peace #mantra like

“Om Mani Padme Hum”


Shanti shanti shanti

Peace peace peace


Repeat 108 times or for 10-15 minutes

According to Harvard medical school, Of the many different meditation techniques being taught today, mantra meditation is one of the most highly effective in terms of increasing happiness, well being and health. And of the highly effective meditation techniques, mantra meditation is by far the easiest to learn and practice.

You learn to meditate by meditating. The silence and stillness you experience in meditation and the increased happiness and diminished stress you experience outside meditation are so attractive and welcomed that you naturally teach yourself how to go deeper into that silence and stillness each time you meditate.

To meditate you sit comfortably and quietly with your eyes closed and effortlessly and silently inside repeat a word or a short phrase called a mantra. Your mantra can be any word, sound, prayer or short phrase you like that is in your native language.

Continue repeating your mantra in that same simple, effortless way for 10-30 minutes. That repetition may not be a clear pronunciation of your mantra but instead may be just a faint idea of it.  As you continue thinking your mantra, thoughts and distractions will come, and that’s fine; having thoughts during meditation is natural. When thoughts and distractions do come just gently return to thinking your mantra in the same simple, effortless way as thoughts come. Choose the amount of time you meditate based on what suits you.

It’s important to not strain to make the mantra come, but rather to relax into effortlessness and let the mantra come in the same simple, effortless way as thoughts come. If you strain to make the mantra come that can create stress that tires you.

Avoid looking for experiences or signs of progress or failure with your meditation because that hinders meditation. Just be confident that after some time you will start to notice the benefits of meditating during your day. You may be happier, feeling more at ease and calmer, and getting along better with others. You may start noticing these benefits soon, or it may take up to six months of meditating regularly before you start to notice these benefits. So just get in the habit of meditating regularly and then stick with it. And be patient with yourself – if you stop meditating for a day or two, just go back and start meditating again.

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The Difference between Distraction and Disturbance

We live in an increasingly chaotic world where everything is sped up and super sized.

We are constantly being stimulated by the immediacy of technology. We are distracted thousands of times a day externally and a million more times internally. It’s not getting any easier; technology has made it harder for us to focus. There is now almost nowhere you can go where someone can’t reach you with something urgent and important (at least to them.)

However, with this said, distraction is not the problem.

It is the suffering we experience as a result of focusing our energy on that distraction that causes a disturbance.

Disturbance is defined by Wikipedia as “the interruption of a settled and peaceful condition, the disruption of healthy functioning.”

Distraction is defined by Wikipedia as “a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else. And an extreme agitation of the mind or emotions.”

We live in a world of constant distraction. It’s easy to get agitated by the over stimulation of bells, whistles, alarms. With that said we could still overcome this if it wasn’t for how we try to deal with it in our left-brain centered world. The left-brain according to psychologists is adept at tasks that involve logic, numbers, reasoning, language and analytical thinking. We try to make peace by over controlling or denying the distraction. This will not bring us peace in our left-brain world.

Instead this feeds the disturbance to our mental patterns because it requires our brains to keep choosing to refocus on the distraction over and over again. We want to understand or fix the distraction thereby repeating it and giving it power. Our energy is being drained from us as we put it all towards the distraction that creates the disturbance. As a result we are living in mental poverty.

The solution to learning how not to be pulled into the tug of war of disturbance is Meditation.


Meditation will teach you the following:

  1. The difference between Attention and Awareness: Awareness is the forest, attention are the trees
  2. In our brain focused society rebuilding our awareness through a more global perspective will help us be less caught up in the details of our thoughts that distract us in a gazillion ways.

Attention and awareness and action are the intelligence of the soul

  1. How to concentrate. We have become a nation where the old saying you have my undivided attention is a thing of the past, these days if we’re honest we’d tell people “you have my divided attention.” Nobody knows how to listen these days.
  2. In grade school we had an opening meditation in the form of the pledge of allegiance; can you create an opening day mantra that can serve you today?
  3. In grade school we had recess to get rid of this excess energy-causing disturbance. Why not make a point to take an adult recess today? Run around, sit quietly, unplug.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia

Life as a Roller Coaster

“Life can be like a roller coaster… And just when you think you’ve had enough, and your ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round… You change your mind, throw you hands in the air and ride the roller coaster all over again. That’s exhilaration…that’s living a bit on the edge…that’s being ALIVE.”  #staceycharter

Standing in the water and receiving healing at water purification ceremony yesterday in #Bali I was blessed with the clear download of where to move. The answer was so obvious. It was always there. All I had to do was throw my hands up in the Air and ride the roller coaster again. 

Now the challenge is to listen to the advice of spirit and move thru the fear of resistance.

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5 Minute Abundance Meditation

Minute One
Take this first minute to focus your breath. Inhale for five counts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and exhale for five counts (5, 4, 3, 2, 1). As you walk your internal gaze through your body, use the breath to release any places where you are holding tension.

Minute Two
Focus your gratitude inward. Think of the aspects about yourself for which you are grateful – the parts of your character that allow you to spread positivity and light to those around you. Instead of “wishing” you were a certain way, remember that even the little things are worth acknowledgement.

Minute Three
Expand your gratitude outward. Think of the people for whom you are grateful for having presence in your life. Flip through the mental photo album of everyone who loves, supports, and encourages you to be better. Know that these relationships will be enriched by even a moment of energy and acknowledgement.

Minute Four
Send your gratitude into the universe with your own thank you prayer. Here is the thank you prayer that I used today – Thank you. I am grateful. I am thankful for my family, the roof over my head, and my friends. I am thankful for my process and what I have accomplished in my life so far.

Minute Five
Repeat the mantra: My life is full and abundant.


Can you Feel Me?

Dearest Beloveds,
How can you tell if you feel the vibe of our #AlchemyofYoga Tribe?
Well, here’s how:
*Your heart already speaks the language of enthusiasm.
*You have always been in love with love. (You are a Love Alchemist)
*Your idea of #meditation includes singing & dancing too!
*Your capacity for compassion is bigger than what words can explain.
*You love to laugh!
*You never stopped believing in #magic.

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Meditation Energy Medicine

Today’s practice.
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#RoseQuartz 3 hearts for fourth #chakra Anahata
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#Lakshmi mantra with green #agate #malas

#Moon Day #Lunar practice of asana close to earth

Wings of Ascension with Naomi Charanpal Kaur

Wearing #batik skirt from #Bali & Free People #SantaCruz


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My New Normal

3 years ago I chose to embrace a “new normal” after TBI. Thank goddess for my mindfulness meditation practice, faith in Divine love, mantra, singing and high happiness set point. 🙏💚

I’ve always loved the physicality of the asana because achievement seems visible, while at the same time 99% of “the work” is invisible. This saved my spirit from collapsing under the weight of the #NewNormal.

My progress in recovery is challenging to observers because I look healthy on the outside. Because my injury is invisible people assume I am fine. From the outside looking in it’s hard to understand. From the inside looking out, it’s hard to explain. Meanwhile on a daily basis I have to navigate more speed bumps than I had to before in my old life. 

Think about what a speed bump requires you to do? Slow down.

It takes me longer. Still does. You have no ideas how much effort I have to put into all that I do as compared to before.  I am processing, just more slowly. I’m high functioning, but slower. My new normal has given me an enhanced opportunity, a gift to #BePresent. I am more grounded.

And of all the things I don’t miss about the old me, the triple A personality pitta powered push thru it mentality, is the breakneck speed at which I was living life. 

This is not a race. 

It certainly isn’t a sprint to the finish line if we’re lucky. Life, if lived gently paced, is a marathon.

Calm is my Superhero power. 

This foot behind the head pose looks easy. The truth is it took a long time to get here. What’s visible today was for many years invisible.

And sometimes what’s invisible is visible if you lean in and see thru the eyes of your heart and less so with your mind.

Today, I ask myself, what is right there in front of me that I’m not seeing? What is possible for me? Do I have the patience to look more deeply?

Yoga makes the invisible world visible and the visible world invisible. It works it’s magic both ways.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life!

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Get High With Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training

With Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training I promise you will get High 🙂 but on Laughter, Breath, Meditation, Yoga, SuperFoods, Music, Dance, Sisterhood and Love.

PS we have formed the Most amazing #LoveTribe perfect to live together in gorgeous villas under sunny warm skies Oct 1-22,2016 on the island of love,#Bali.

What do I mean by High?
Wikipedia defines it as slang for “Substance intoxication.” Examples include alcohol intoxication, opioid intoxication, cannabinoid intoxication, caffeine intoxication, hallucinogen intoxication amongst others.

Ask yourself, what do all of these have in common?

I’m a practical spiritualist. I explain getting high as either (1) running away from yourself or (2) moving towards your true self. If getting high means that you freeze, fight, flee, then consider it might not be the healthiest option. On the other hand, if getting high means “facing” what you’re feeling, what you’re doing or not doing, taking responsibility for yourself then that’s a worth while way to spend your energy.

The kind of High I can offer you is more along the lines of feeling elevated and exalted. You will feel great as a result of practicing mantra 108 times every day minimally, dancing, meditating on lovingkindness for yourself. Most of all you will feel the contact high from being with high vibration tribe for 22 days.

4 Ways to Get High
1. Meditation: Find altered states of being with the biggest pharmaceutical of all, your mind. Your thoughts create your reality. Choose a new pattern, a deliberate pattern and let that open up your mental pathways to experiencing a new reality or alternate reality.
2. Breath Work: Spiritual bliss can be stoked by practicing certain pranayama, breathing techniques. Your breath has personality. Change your breath and as a result change your personality.
3. Superfoods: Eating a high vibration diet can change your mood and your energy.
4. Yoga or Ecstatic Dance: When we move and breathe we release endorphins the feel good hormones as well as serotonin and dopamine.




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Monday Mantra There is No Need to Struggle

‪#‎Monday‬ ‪#‎Mantra‬ by Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach

**Instant peace and calmness came over me while I practiced reciting this mantra to myself: “THERE IS NO NEED TO STRUGGLE.”

Ask yourself right now, “Can you live with what life is offering you?” When we find neutrality in our mind we let go of judgment about what is happening. We no longer fight against the now. Instead, we save our strength and behave with compassion towards those people and circumstances we cannot control.**

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