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10 Things to Let Go: Embracing a Journey of Transformation

In life, there comes a time when we realize that holding onto certain things no longer serves us. We feel a deep desire for growth, transformation, and the pursuit of our truest selves. It is during these moments that we must muster the courage to let go of what weighs us down and embrace a […]

Make the Most of a New Beginning

Beginning anew and embracing change can be daunting, but it is also an exciting opportunity to start something fresh, explore new horizons, and make positive changes in ourselves and in our lives. Starting anew provides the chance to let go of the past and start anew, with a clean slate and open mind. Here are […]

Heart and Soul Yoga Retreat Amsterdam The Four Agreements

Each year I choose 1 ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ where our intention is to focus the week upon ‪#‎TheFourAgreements‬ by don Miguel Ruiz. In 2016 it will be my ‪#‎HeartandSoul‬ retreat in ‪#‎Amsterdam‬ July 3-9 with my soul brother Reinier Voorwinde founder of Drishti Journeys. I share them here with you as a sweet reminder for 2016. For more on Amsterdam click here. And the photo is of me […]