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pay what you can for biwoc $1.00 Yoga teacher training

💟 Are you willing to open the door to an amazing BIWOC woman to experience @alchemyofyoga Teacher Training?.💥Reality is that Yoga as part of Wellness is historically white centered, patriarchal, affluent, misogynist, sexist, ableist, ageist and not inclusive. I’ve spent twenty years trying to change this. My mission has been to decolonize the yoga industry..🤔 […]

There’s a good chance this Online Yoga Teacher Training ISN’T FOR YOU.

There’s a good chance this Online Yoga Teacher Training ISN’T FOR YOU..Why?This isn’t just for those who just want a yoga teaching certificate. This is an invitation to dive deep into yourself. The ultimate adventure in self-discovery..This is for the rebels, the changemakers, the peace leaders, the truth tellers, the sacred activists, the love alchemists […]

My Mission to Decolonize the Yoga industry

My mission for 20 years has been to decolonize the yoga industry..I do this by offering Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Trainings that look like the real world, inclusive of everyone, intercultural and respecting of intersectionality..Alchemy of Yoga is for the big-dreamers, changemakers, social activists, life changers, peace leaders, healers, lightworkers, blue rays, those who believe […]

Yoga school scholarships for womxn of color

MY DREAM?Before December 31st, 2021 to offer 20 FULLY paid “Heart Medicine” Scholarships and 20 more 50% Scholarships to aspiring Womxn of Color (WOC) Yoga Teachers for my Alchemy of Yoga Online Teacher Training. This means $30,000 USD in scholarships.I could use your help. 1.) Put me in touch with incredible WOC siSTARS who you […]

free trail alchemy of yoga teacher training

If you are ready, I am here with a FREE SAMPLE OF MY ONLINE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING. I will support you so that success is easier, quicker and more attainable. It includes personalized teaching, training, and guidance from me. And why is that important? I know what it takes to be a successful yoga leader […]

Hello future yoga teacher

Hello Future Teacher???!!!✨We are at that decision making point.✨It’s almost going to be too late…✨And I have a confession to make.💥In the past, I lived life by accident.💥I would not make choices for myself so life made them for me. I would hem and haw, sitting on the fence, and waste so much energy thinking […]

Yoga is the study of the self

“Pilgrim, pilgrimage, and road – it was but myself toward my SELF, and your arrival was but myself at my own door.” – #RUMI 💕 The way back to yourSELF can be made easier if you allow me to support you through my 16 year old @alchemyofyoga Online Teacher Training program offered 33 times. ❣️ […]

Opt out of corporate life like I did!

Hey Sisters, ditch your cubicle! Opt out of corporate life like I did. Live a life of zero regrets. ⚡️Imagine instead of going to your joyless 9 to 5 job you step out of bed, take some peaceful deep breaths, and roll out your yoga mat, already energized to begin your morning teaching yoga. 🙏 […]

undo these 4 myths about online yoga teacher training

Hi Sisters, I’m here to remind you if you have been dreaming about becoming a yoga teacher THIS IS THE TIME! That means you this is your year to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get this credential from home! Today is the day to break through 4 myths stopping you from becoming a […]