Alchemy of Stability: Earth Energy of Root Chakra by Silvia Mordini on Do You Yoga

Alchemy of Stability: Earth Energy of Root Chakra

The Root Chakra is also known as the Earth Chakra. Truth is, we all benefit from having more of an Earth personality.  Characteristics include stability, reliability, and thoughtfulness. An earth person has a reputation for being nurturing and grounded. People we value as dear friends are often those that are self-accepting, peaceful and supportive. They are comfortable with who they are.   We can achieve this by investing time into stabilizing our Root Chakra. When we’re at home with ourselves, we’re less likely to worry. When we are grounded, our roots go deeper, providing us more physical and emotional stability. Like a plant, the deeper the root base, the bigger the bloom above ground.   The stronger we are in our foundation, the more confidence we have to reach for our greatest visions. The Root Chakra feeds and gives strength to the power of manifestation.  The Alchemy of Stability breeds a belief in abundance. From the .

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Alchemy of Earth Yoga Playlist

Name Time Album Artist
1 Shanti (Peace Out) 6:59 Elephant Power MC YOGI
2 The Setting Sun 3:32 The Rise of Downtempo Dub Sutra
3 Jai Ma 7:38 Sounds of Tadasana Annmarie Solo
4 Tango to Evora 4:10 The Visit Loreena McKennitt
5 Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) 4:41 Fallen Light Phaeleh
6 Lazy Calm 6:35 Stars and Topsoil – A Collection (19… Cocteau Twins
7 Gobinday Mukunday 9:55 Yoga Living Series – Temple Spa Spirit Voyage Artists
8 24-25 3:38 Declaration of Dependence Kings of Convenience
9 Into Dust 5:38 So Tonight That I Might See Mazzy Star
10 Open Door 3:38 Rose Ave. You + Me
11 Birds And Ships 2:16 Mermaid Avenue Billy Bragg & Wilco
12 Serenity 3:28 Dragonfly Arthur Lee Land
13 Om Namah Shivaya I 5:14 Moments of Silence Kristian Thorsager
14 Shavasana/Deep Relaxation 4:28 Yoga Sol Shiva Rea
15 Inward Journey (Dawn’s Mirage) 3:15 Canyon Trilogy R. Carlos Nakai