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Self-Reconnection: A Journey to Deeper Self-Love

Introduction: A Compassionate Path to Self Hello, beautiful souls! If you’ve been feeling like life’s whirlwind has pulled you away from your own essence, you’re not alone. The fast-paced currents of our lives can sometimes lead us astray from the very core of who we are. But take heart, for within you lies the power […]

Cultivating Happiness: 3 Transformative Tips for a Joyful Life

Greetings, wonderful souls! In today’s bustling world, where chaos often reigns, our pursuit of happiness becomes both a noble endeavor and an essential one. Join me as we delve into three impactful tips that can contribute to growing your happiness, one mindful step at a time. Mindfulness: Nurturing Calm Within In the midst of our […]

3 Effective Morning Routines – to Wake Up Your Mind and Body

Today, I’m going to share with you my three favorite morning routines to stay healthy. By simply taking a few minutes each day to wake up your body and mind, you can start the day primed for optimal health and wellbeing. I start my morning with a few moments to sit in stillness to meditate. […]

Self-Care yoga playlist

Here is a beautiful playlist perfect to destress for the holiday’s. It is from my Mindfully in Love Course (one of many playlists). Enjoy and be peaceful. Please note the last song is 4th Chakra with affirmations perfect for going to sleep. May you live mindfully in love the rest of your days!

SElf-Care Weekly Worksheet

If we leave self-care to chance it won’t happen. That’s why I created this worksheet to help you actually PLAN and write down what you’re doing for yourself this week. Choose something every day. Even something small such as meditate 4 minutes. I promise you it will make a huge difference in how you feel. […]

pandemic fatigue had me burning out

I was really, really tired.Not a normal tired, but some sort of lethargic fatigue overtook me..Part burn-out from pandemic stress, racist monsters, missing my Mom.That’s why I amped up my Self-Care in October..I knew it was a pivotal point of no return if I didn’t do something different..Every womxn I’ve spoken to in the last […]

I now belong to the 100 club

A week ago today I hit a milestone at Pure Barre and now belong to the 100 club. 🙂 What this also means is since I started October 20, 2020 I’ve done:— 200 miles ridden by bike to & from class 🚴🏾🥇— 100 Splits (full #Hanumanasana)— 100 lunges each side— 100 lunge twists— 100 seated […]

Thank you to my pandemic body

Today I say thank you to my pandemic body.We’ve been through some serious hits to our nervous system over the last 12 months. And yet you didn’t break down. 💥⚡️💥 At times if I was you, I would have given up on me and my care-taking. -Those early times of total lockdown where there wasn’t […]

Ease into monday with some zen time

Ease into Monday like this…And ease back into your Yoga practice.Truth is if you’ve not been practicing yoga ,you won’t be able to step back in the exact same place. That’s ok.Take it easy getting your yoga groove back. Don’t expand too far too fast because I want you to stay safe. And if the […]


Concentrating re-trains your brain to pay attention and mono-task. This returns you to living in the present moment, and allows us to, as John Donohue writes, “Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.” Reducing distraction is the ultimate act of self-compassion. If you stay on the distraction track, you […]