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Self-Love and Acceptance: A Path to Empowerment and Fulfillment

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and love! In this blog, I will explore the transformative power of cultivating self-love and acceptance in our lives. As we celebrate the solar return and personal new years, we step into a realm of heightened manifestation and self-awareness. Let’s delve into the essence of self-love, understand the […]

Gratitude for My Birthday Month of July

As I embrace another journey around the sun, I can’t help but reflect on the rollercoaster of experiences that have shaped me during this special month. July, you have been a whirlwind of emotions, filled with pain, joy, growth, and learning. There were moments of confusion that left me feeling lost, but they were also […]

Birthday Rituals and Journaling Prompts (PDF)

Celebrating Your Solar Return: Birthday Rituals and Journaling Prompts for Manifestation Birthdays mark a significant milestone in our lives, representing a personal new year and a time of reflection, growth, and new beginnings. One powerful aspect of birthdays is the Solar Return, where the Sun returns to the exact position it was at the moment […]

b(EARTH)day Manifesto

bEARTHday Manifesto🌸 I am always the perfect age for where I am in life. 🎉 Each age has its own special experiences 🌻I came to this planet to experience each age. 💫 I feel as young or as old as I choose to feel.There are people at 20 that are ancient and there are people […]

What is a Solar Return?

What Every year, the Sun returns to the exact position and degree it was on the day you were born. In astrology, this is what’s called your Solar Return ( also known as…your birthday)!.The Sun is the planet of your outer awareness, the part of the self that shines, and your life force and vitality. […]