Why I Choose Saint Catherine of Siena

My heart felt deep resonance in Siena from the first visit. I felt connected to something I already knew. It is truly one of my all time favorite places in #Tuscany. Only later would I piece it together as to perhaps why I felt this.

I remember in CCD for confirmation I was asked to pick a name Saint, so I choose Saint Catherine who was born in #Siena, Italy on March 25, 1347. She was the 25th child born to her mother. Catherine herself was a twin, but her sister did not survive infancy. Her mother was 40 when she was born.

She wasn’t a nun, she instead served the poor and sick and lived in the world. She is best known for serving tirelessly to petition for #peace during a politically unstable time. She is also credited with composing over 400 letters, her Dialogue, which is her definitive work, and her prayers. These works are so influential that St. Catherine would later be declared a Doctor of the Church. She is one of the most influential saints in the Church.
I love this feeling of exploring new places, but also of returning to places I love so much like Siena. It is a coming home.

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I Dreamed of Florence Last Night

I dreamed of #Florence last night.
It makes sense to me because anytime I’m asked to remember when I felt most relaxed, I am here. 💕
I bow to the ability of my body to remember.
I bow to living #underthetuscan sun.
I am so grateful for this place where I’m closest to my Father energy. I feel so at ease, I can let go of anything heavy I’ve been carrying. I need that.
We all do.
And I’m looking forward to returning this June 🙏

360 Degree Views of Tuscany

My ‪Yoga Retreat‬ June 19-25 will be held at Antico Borgo di Tignano, Tuscany, Italy. It is a 16th century restored charming agriturismo and UNESCO world heritage site with a 360-degree view over the iconic Tuscan hills.

You will fall in love with the epic views of Casole d’Elsa and Volterra in the distance!

The actual Borgo was a 16th century rural residence. Its original name, Borgo di Tignano, has Roman origins. It is the probable birth-place, in the 4th century, of Saint Attinia, a venerated saint from the Volterra area. Amongst its illustrious guests in the 1800’s, during the time the Borgo was a summer retreat from the ‘Scolopi‘ fathers, was Pope Pius the ninth. This Borgo is overall a place to enjoy with all your heart.

$799 per person Double (4 Days)
$899 per person Single (4 Days)
$1999 per person Triple Room (7 Days)
$2108 per person Double Room (7 Days)
$2699 Single Room (7 Days)

Tuscany Yoga Retreat Client Insights

It is a sincere privilege to be trusted to guide small tribes of incredibly curious, high vibration people in Italy, the land of my cultural heritage. Never for a moment do I take this for granted. I am honored you chose me. I can assure you that I have taken great care and meticulous attention to designing the best Tuscany Yoga Retreat possible! My Italian Father would be so proud I share with you what I love.

Thank you with all my heart. Here now is what my previous Tuscany retreat guests have said…

What do our Tuscany Client’s Say?

What aspect of your life transformed the most (physical, mental, emotional)? 
Before the trip, I was a bit run down from work life. While attending the retreat and afterwards, I became so much more aware of what I needed in order to deal with the mental and emotional stresses of work and gained a new level of respect for what laughter can do to enlighten my life and the lives of others. – Jessica

How did our Tuscany Yoga Retreat help you make positive changes in your life? I went to Tuscany by myself to explore everything that the Yoga Retreat through Alchemy Tours could and would offer. I discovered that I could travel alone, make great friends of all ages and backgrounds and could be my complete self. Silvia is more than a friend, she is my inspiration to follow a life I love and make no excuses. –  Laurie

What aspect of your life transformed the most (physical, mental, emotional)? 
Physically, mentally and emotionally I felt transformed. The physical components were great, as was the extremely healthy diet, and although I ate like I was on vacation, I came back feeling healthier and few pounds lighter from all of the yoga. Mentally, I was in a state of bliss from the amazing surroundings, stress free environment, and wonderful people I was able to share the experience with. Emotionally, I felt like I gained a greater understanding about what is really important and a greater sense of my life’s purpose. – Laura

What aspect of your life transformed the most on the Tuscany Yoga Retreat (physical, mental, emotional)? For me, the biggest changes were mental changes. Waking up early to attend a morning yoga class, taking walks and choosing to participate in activities that were offered were all choices I made based on what I wanted to do. Doing yoga with Silvia is more like a life walk. She takes you through the beginning, building up your confidence, letting you shine in the peak poses and lets you feel okay with relaxing at the end. – Sarah

tuscany next best 2016Alchemy Tours is wonderful! Silvia is an insightful and loving teacher who has lifted me up more times that I could ever keep track of. Tuscany, Siena and surrounding areas – all of the day trips that we did were wonderful. Lastly, but definitely not least, the yoga two times a day was a wonderful way to begin and end each day. ~Kimberly

One of the best choices I ever made was going to Tuscany with Silvia. Not only is this part of Italy gorgeous, I learned so much about myself… not to mention the amazing food and yoga everyday. I highly suggest you go. It will be a trip you never forget! – John

I travel quite a bit, so I tend to have high expectations. I can honestly say this trip was beyond my expectations! I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t enjoy staying in Tuscany, touring Tuscan cities, village and vineyards, wine tasting, eating amazing food, shopping, yoga and swimming in the Mediterranean! – Amber

This was also a very well organized trip and our guides deserve tremendous credit for leading us on some internal exploration as well as an external journey through stunningly beautiful landscapes ~Rich

You have such a gift for teaching and such of depth of knowledge and training, in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And you clearly embody all that you teach, I admire your sense of peace, calm, and thoughtfulness – you are beautiful inside and out – I want to bring more of these attributes into my life. ~Karen

If you’re looking for an authentic Tuscan experience, you really can’t beat staying in the heart of Tuscany. ~Anonymous

I went on a yoga retreat with Alchemy Tours to Tuscany. I was in a place where I was feeling like I needed to do something for myself to reconnect and gain clarity on my life. Do all this while practicing yoga and cycling in the hills of Tuscany? Sign me up! I didn’t know quite what I was searching for, but called it my “Eat, Pray, Love” trip. On the retreat I found myself laughing and feeling happier than I had in months; while also gaining the confidence through self-reflection that I truly am in charge of how I want my life to unfold. Since returning, I have been making small changes that are the building blocks to creating a more satisfying/fulfilling professional and personal life. And most of all, I can’t wait to go on another retreat. – Ann

Silvia took care of everything too, so it was never stressful.  She had everything meticulously planned, but wasn’t rigid about it. She was flexible, accommodating and made adjustments so everyone was able to get the most out of the trip. I felt that she truly cared about us, was tuned into what we needed and did everything she could to make it an experience of a lifetime for everyone. – Amber

How did your Yoga Retreat help you make positive changes in your life?
 Before the yoga retreat, I was looking to reconnect with my wife and myself. The retreat helped in so many different ways with just those things, as well as opening up some amazing new friendships. I felt like a totally new person afterwards. – Jordan

You have such a gift for teaching and such of depth of knowledge and training, in both the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. And you clearly embody all that you teach, I admire your sense of peace, calm, and thoughtfulness – you are beautiful inside and out – I want to bring more of these attributes into my life. – Christine



Bring a Friend for FREE Tuscany Yoga Retreat

Calling all ‪#‎wine‬ lovers! Join me in ‪#‎Tuscany‬ June 19-25 for ‪#‎vino‬ and ‪#‎vinyasa‬ ‪#‎yogaretreat‬. You’ll love it!

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Photo: Radda in Chianti 22 miles Southeast of Florence is a midieval town on top of a hill with perfect views. Just outside the village, in the Vignale farm, are the headquarters of the Chianti Classico consortium (its symbol is the black-cockerel, the former emblem of the League of Chianti).

To be honest I used to be a snob when it came to drinking Chianti. I had this wrong understanding based on some straw covered bottle in a pizza place in small town U.S.

I’ve grown up since then. And this part of Tuscany is one of my favorites as is the Chianti wine tasting.

Coming Home to Myself

“It is returning, at last it is coming home to me – my own Self and those parts of it that have long been abroad and scattered among all things and accidents.” – Nietzsche

There are events in our lives that can indeed separate ourselves from ourselves. I returned to my self through ‪#‎Yoga‬ and ‪#‎meditation‬ which is defined as the study of the self, to the self, through the self.

This combined with energetic resets in grounding places like ‪#‎Tuscany‬ have brought me back to the home of my heart. I want that for everyone. And I would love the opportunity to facilitate this journey for you so it can be easier than it was for me. I love you.

Lens: ‪#‎Florence‬ creating ‪#‎asana‬ in the streets

June 19-25, 2016 Tuscany Vino and Vinyasa Yoga Retreat

#‎MemorialDay‬ Weekend Save up to $350 now, pricing starts at $1749 all inclusive 7 days.
Florence Yoga Moments

Tuscany Yoga Retreat Favorite Photos

t’s not really fair to try to curate the “best” of my signature ‪#‎Tuscany‬ ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ because I love all of it. Toscana is seen in broad brush strokes but it is felt with detailed precision only your soul knows.

I live in Tuscany part of the year. I am not a visitor. For that reason, what I want to share with you is not just a week of experiences waiting to happen but they are the totality of my entire life and that of my Father’s family. You receive my heritage as a gift on my beautiful ‪#‎Italy‬ Yoga Retreat.

Under the Tuscan Sun is a place you fall in love with and that love affair continues forever. For me, it’s never stopped. It is carried in your heart and how you drink, taste, see and feel the world.

We are all artists, dreamers, and poets. Italy simply reminds you of your true nature. Just like yoga does. And when you combine them it is magic!

My next adventure guided wtih acclaimed Art Expert/Teacher/Healer Amita Stark, is June 19-25, 2016.


As if You, I and the Sun were all Married

 What does ‪#‎Tuscany‬ feel like? 

I want both of us

To start talking about this great love

As if you, I, and the Sun were all married

And living in a tiny room,

Helping each other to cook,

Do the wash,

Weave and sew,

Care for our beautiful


I want both of us to start singing like two

Traveling minstrels

About this extraordinary existence

We share,

As if

You, I, and God were all married

And living in

A tiny



Answer: Tuscany feels like as if You and I were married to the Sun. 

‪#‎Italy‬ ‪#‎YogaRetreat‬ June 19-25, 2016

Namaste Sunflowers Silvia

Tuscany Yoga Retreat 2016 with Amita Stark

Some say you can fall in love with a place just as you can with a person. This is certainly true of Toscana! The tastes, sights and people of Tuscany will nourish your spirit and renew your sense of joy. Experiencing life under the Tuscan sun is something that stays with you forever. In Italy, you slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of chianti, each taste of antipasto. You may in fact realize that you are actually home: the home of your heart. And life will never be the same after that. Tuscany teaches us to savor each moment and live inspired by the details that might have otherwise passed us by. Our combined years of experience ensures that you will experience the joy of La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) with us. 

Join our 7 Day Italian Adventure to Tuscany, Italy June 19-25, 2016 guided by Yoga Teachers, Healers and International Guides Silvia Mordini and Amita Stark, who are both passionate about Tuscany, have lived in Italy, and as they are Italian are both experienced in the culture! We will be guests at Antico Borgo di Tignano recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site focusing on Tuscan traditions. Stay in your own 10th century restored villa all with private baths. Peacefully nestled into the hills with epic views of Casole d’Elsa and Volterra in the distance, this is the perfect entryway into the Tuscan countryside.



Italy Sunflowers and Yoga Retreat

How many years have you been dreaming of vacationing #UndertheTuscanSun? Let’s manifest it together! As Tuscan experts Amita & I will show you the best of Art & Asana on our #Tuscany#YogaRetreat June 19-25, 2016!

#italyyogaretreat #vinoandvinyasa #Europe2016#travel @alchemytours @amita1008

Early birds save $300 all inclusive 7 days

Sunflower Single Italy

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