Releasement Ceremony to Let Go

Blessings on this Full Moon.

In lunar ceremony last night in the largest sister circle I’ve ever been a part of we were asked to partner with someone and share what we are releasing to the Full Moon. My sister and I dropped in to the depths of our souls in seconds. We shared profound desires to dissolve obstacles to our happiness. We gazed into one another’s eyes and took turns holding space so we would each be seen. Letting Go to release old patterns isn’t easy, but together with over a hundred women we supported one another to surrender to the fire that which no longer serves us. Aho. Namaste.

Some of my Let Go List I share here:

I let go of the need to know why things happen.

I let go of what I don’t want.

I let go of repressed emotions.

I let go of the need to know the outcome.

I let go of the need to be needed.

I let go of extreme self sacrifice.

I let go of holding back.

I let go of being angry.

I let go for my need for approval.

I let go of displacement.

I let go of numbing out.

I let go of the details.

I let go of fitting in.

I let go of over controlling.

I let go of my worry.

I let go of my fear.

I let go of my guilt.

I let go of blame.

I let go of my resistance.

I let go of frustration.

I let go of negative thoughts.

I let go of needing to be acknowledged.

I let go of insecurity.

I let go of the old dominant story.

I let go of not being good enough.

I let go of the pain.

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It was more than fifteen years ago I first heard this term in #yoga “playing the edge.” It was then I learned from @EricSchiffmann the difference between the soft edge and the hard edge.
At the time, as a corporate Road Warrior addicted to the Adrenalin of working for start up companies, I only knew the hard edge or beyond. It was work hard and play hard and then work harder. Even once I slowed down by going to #pricewaterhousecoopers my weekly time sheets were still 76 hours.
I literally lived life Over the Edge.
Everything I did was over the top.
Even decorating home for the holidays.
The #yoga helped but what really changed things was #meditation. It brought me balance.
I love playing the edge but not going over it. ❤️
Lens wearing all @aloyoga Alo Moves #ubud #bali #pigeon#ekapadarajakapotasana #tegenunungan #waterfall



Life is full of beauty.
I am a lifelong moment gatherer and beauty finder. It’s my nature to see the world around me with the eyes of my heart. Each day I ride my scooter in #Bali looking to collect as many beautiful visions as possible.

To be honest 99% of the beauty I discover I choose not to capture in a photo. I keep these treasures in my heart to share in conversation rather than in media.
I like to think if we are all paying attention to the beauty around us, we will always have the most amazing conversations. We can share our stories. ❤️
All that is required is that you purposely notice everything and everyone around you. I promise you’ll never run out of beauty to celebrate. 🙏
Just today I saw #smiles #frog #humblerice #fruitstand #jackfruit#frangipani #flowers #coconut #palmtrees #ceremony #pool #peace #blue#happiness
This is me on my scooter just living life awake. 😍
I don’t want to miss a thing! ❤️



Love this beautiful sister goddess Cole Chance of Cole Chance Yoga to the moon!
You’ll find us holding space for living Beloveds at home in #Bali in 2019. Will we be hugging you too?


*Bali is on your Dream List.
*You are seeking adventure
*You are ready to reveal new layers of yourself
*You are curious about healing ceremonies, blessing rituals and heart medicine.
*You want time for intention setting, journaling, Wellness Coaching and to feel extra loved.
*Your seeking a new level of inner peace.
*Reclaim your power to express who you really are.
*You are ready to take your meditation, yoga and spiritual practice to new depths.
*You want to sustain the transformation from retreat with lasting modalities and practical tools.
*You want to make lifelong new high vibe friends

March 17-24, 2019 Bali Yoga Retreat


March 31-April 21, 2019 Bali RYT 200 Hour Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training




I had to start my 90 days in a row over again. My #sadhana has to be routine otherwise I won’t “catch up” later that day. It is why the power of #RITUAL is so important. It keeps us on track. I’ve set course to #beginagain. I start over on Sat Kriya and am attempting 90 days. Maybe you want to join me?
Yogi Bhajan says about 90 Days: Practice every day for 90 days straight. This will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds based on the effect of the kriya or mantra. It will change you in a very deep way.
What am I saying? Sat Nam. Truth is my identity. I practice so I don’t forget who I am and why I am here on this earth at this time.
Lens #bali @alchemyofyoga #SatKriya #sadhana
Wearing white to practice #kundalini #yoga #yogibhajan
How To Do It:
-Sitting on the heels in rock pose, interlace the fingers with the Jupiter (Index) fingers pointing straight up.
-Cross the thumbs: Females cross left over right and Males cross right over left.
-Raise the arms straight up and rotate the upper arms inward so that the arms are hugging the ears.
-In this position you will chant the mantra “Sat Naam” in the following way:
-Pull the navel point in* as you chant “Sat!” (Sounds like ‘Sutt.’)
-Release the lock as you chant “Naam.” (Almost like a sigh with the sound “Naam”)

Bali Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2019

#Bali Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training
22 days all included March 31 to April 21, 2019
Who Is This For?
* You have the desire to learn “How to Live a LIFE Inspired” for lasting change by cultivating inner happiness and outer bliss.
* You are ready to authentically and effectively inspire others to live their best lives.
* You feel called to teach about the interconnectedness of all people, nature, energies, past and future through the Alchemy of Love.
* You are ready to be held accountable for your Happiness.
* You love Yoga!
Benefits You Can Expect:
* We will uncover the obstacles to your happiness
* We will show you how to tap into your greatest potential & live from your highest self
* We will make practical how to live your dharma
* We will hold you accountable for radical self-love and help you design self-care strategies (including daily meditation and mantra)
* We will guide you through in-depth development of business strategy, personal growth and soulful happiness.
* Personalized Business Coaching to develop your authentic brand, mission and vision.
* Personalized Spiritual Coaching offering you energy medicine prescriptions for happiness informed by your dosha, astrology, chakra balance, karma and your guides.
* An action plan to grow your business in an energetically sustainable way – no burnout!
Together by you doing your best YOU, we will fully live the MISSION to #TEACH #PEACE with support of your love tribe.
Prerequisites for this program? 
1. You are ready to go DEEP and show up as your true SELF. 
2. You believe in magic.
3. You value and benefit from tribe
Reach out with questions
Registration is OPEN with $400 OFF!!

Washing Away the Pain

I ask myself, how did I get here? 

I’m still trying to wash away the pain.
I have been dedicated to healing my heart for 3 years, traveling around the world to cleanse my spirit. I call in my guides and guardians to help me. I sit still and meditate into the pain to transmute it.

Some days it works better than others. I’m still on the path doing the best I can breath by breath. I know things are changing because I’m coming back out into the world and allowing myself to be seen. I am born again happy.

Here are photos of the most recent water purification ceremony I did in Bali trying to flush it out once and for all. Bali Ma, Mother Bali has saved my life and I am so grateful.

I go back to Bali March 27 to feel how far I’ve come.

Bali Spirit Festival Presenter Silvia Mordini

Yoga, music, healing, dance, ceremony… and thousands of people from around the globe, all coming together to experience @balispiritfest! Oh and did I mention that I’m Presenting?!
So happy and grateful to share @alchemyofyoga with everyone in beautiful Ubud, Bali! JOIN ME! Let’s experience this together:
Book your tickets here: 

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Align with Abundance of Lakshmi

Dearest Beloveds,
Feeling everything super amplified from this #fullmoon so I am invoking #lakshmi to harness the power of abundance in all ways for 13 days before #newmoon. Today I felt called to the Lakshmi Temple in #ubud where I took this photo.

Please join me in singing the Lakshmi chant:

“Om shri maha Lakshmi namaha”

Practice this daily 108x and use malas if you have them to charge them up. I also invite you to recite a daily mantra for prosperity, offered below, for 13 days and watch abundance grow in your life in ALL ways. 

Infinite Love For Each Of You!
Silvia 💕

Abundance #Mantras:

1. I have abundant love and joy in my life!

2. I am prosperous, healthy, & happy!

3. I allow kind, peaceful people to come into my life and I welcome them.

4. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.

5. My actions create a constant flow of prosperity.

6. I let go of all resistance to prosperity and it comes to me naturally.

7. I am magnetic. I welcome an unlimited source of income. Prosperity is drawn to me.

8. I invite good things to come into my life and I enjoy them.�
9. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

10. I live from abundance mentality

11. Love within me is self effulgent like the sun, constantly regenerating.

12. I am thankful for the abundance and prosperity in my life.

13. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

#bali #goddess energy #shri Lakshmi

How You Treat Yourself is How You Treat Others

#HappinessRx: The we treat ourselves will be the way we treat others.
“We would never purchase a can of red paint and expect it to be the color blue when we apply it to our walls. The “color” of how we treat ourselves is the “color” of how we treat others. If we can’t be safe with ourselves, others can never be safe with us, and the world can never be a safe place to be.” – Yamas & Niyamas, Deborah Adele
#shoulderstand is a great practice of #ahimsa towards ourselves. As a teacher how you treat yourself, staying safe in your own body, is an indicator of how you’ll help keep others safe in your classes.
Practice of shoulderstand takes time. This variation took me ten years to lovingly create in my body.
Lens Kubu Bali Baik Villa, Ubud. #bali