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A major story i held is dead

5:05pm Election Day Sunset. A major story I held is now DEAD. The story goes like this, a racist, sexist, white supremacist, narcissist was elected last time because… Not everybody voted. If we could just get EVERYONE to vote then it’s impossible to have this same result ever again. Apathy was the destroyer. Simply not […]

election day self-care

For Election Day self-care I went to the ocean this afternoon to watch the sunset. I stayed off of all media and prayed for a return to sanity, intelligence, empathy, and basic humanity. When I got back online I saw a lot of “be kind, no matter who wins, we are all still friends, let’s […]

I voted 10 days ago

I Voted 10 days ago & I just confirmed my vote has been accepted and recorded! In 2016 I was living and loving in Santa Cruz California. The night of the election I cried in a way that shook me up. I watched in horror and confusion. Thru tears I wrote an article titled “Why […]