Sutra Saturday: Sthira Sukum Asanam

“Pilgrim, pilgrimage, and road – it was but myself toward my SELF, and your arrival was but myself at my own door.” – RUMI
❤️ Sutra: Sthira Sukum Asanam. (Effortless effort)
This fundamental Yoga Sutra of Pantanjali talks of cultivating sthira (steadiness, stability, firmness, seriousness) and sukha (gentleness, flexibility, softness, playfulness) in our mindfulness practice. The qualities denoted by these two sanskrit words can be applied to the whole of your meditation and yoga practice. Each pose should be steady and comfortable so much so that we find an effortless effort in life whereby the pose we take (walking, talking, sitting, driving) is both elegant and honest.
This practice of graceful effort means that some days it might be more difficult and some days it’s easy, just like life is filled with joyousness and setbacks. But the point is to take a consistently steady, but gentle, approach, to your mindfulness practice and your life.
Photo by @jaguarprincess #bali

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