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Ahimsa During the Pandemic

Ahimsa: What does kindness look like when you’re in the midst of a pandemic? Pausing to consider kindness (ahimsa) influences the choices you make. One of the yama practices of yoga, literally means “non-harming” On our yoga mat we practice ahimsa in the way we treat ourselves, consistently choosing the kindest action for our bodies, […]

Hesitation as the Biggest Obstacle to Happiness

Hesitation has been one of my BIGGEST obstacles to happiness.Known as Samsaya in the #YogaSutras. It’s why I understand the “Power of NOW” – the importance of “right timing.” This comes from Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali which I talk about in real people terms here: https://youtu.be/hqoErpvFKxQ (click below). What […]

Liberation Freedom Yoga playlist

Here’s my Liberation Freedom playlist from Fourth of July Soul Flow at The Body Electric Yoga Company in #stpetersburgflorida #sunshinecity.Inspired by Yoga Sutra Chapter 2.27 Liberation is recognized in seven ways, it occurs in 7 stages. As a result our constant companions are joy, faith and clarity..I gave the example that sometimes transcendence, self actualization […]

the meaning of compassion from yoga sutras to the bible

Chapter 1.33 in the Yoga Sutras teaches that compassion, known as Karuna in sanskrit, is a natural remedy to thoughts or feelings of hatred or harm. It is one way to purify the mind and increase serenity in the face of suffering. The definition of compassion, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the “sympathetic consciousness of others’ […]

Most Recommended Yoga Books for Teacher Training

With so many yoga books out there to choose from I am often asked what would you recommend I read to either prepare for a Yoga Teacher Training or simply increase my self-study. Here are my most recommended Yoga Books for serious students and teacher trainees. MUST READ BOOKS: 1. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,Swami […]

What is Dharma?

What Is Dharma by Silvia Mordini This idea of dharma—‘knowing why we are here’—requires action to move us forward. Literally translated, the word karma means ‘action.’ It comes from the Sanskrit root ‘kr,’ which means ‘to act.’ The action of karma includes the movement of our bodies and the movement of our thoughts. However, the […]