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Coffee Chat with Catalina Mordini: Life, Love, and Latte

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: “Life, Love, and Latte” – Brewing Inspiration to Grow Your Happy I am thrilled to introduce “Coffee Chat with Catalina: Life, Love, and Latte,” ​a new YouTube series​ that seeks to stoke your spirit and spark meaningful conversations. This is designed to be an inviting space where we can delve into life’s big […]

INSPIRE Series on YouTube with 52 Videos

I kept my promise to YOU. And I’m really proud of that. I pledged to create 52 videos for my INSPIRE series & I did! –> instead I posted 61! Videos Resolving Restlessness Are you Addicted to Drama? The Power of Reflection If You’re Struggling right now Watch This Why it’s important to Learn how […]