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Talking About What you Have Control Over

“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

– Paulo Coelho

We all have an opinion about how others should live their lives. We think that if we can just give someone the right advice, we can magically transform their lives for the better. But when it comes to our own lives, we seem to be confused as to what to do.

We think a lot about what others may think and how others may perceive us instead of taking a step back and looking at ourselves. And sometimes we have so many expectations from ourselves that the thought of failure ends up paralyzing us.

It’s time to take control and focus on ourselves. It is essential to identify and understand our purpose in life, this is the key to making sure our lives are fulfilling and meaningful. Understanding our purpose will give us the necessary courage and motivation to do something with our lives that we can be proud of and bring an immense sense of satisfaction and joy.

For some of us, our purpose might be to help others in need, or to learn new skills and develop our knowledge on certain topics or help people with physical limitations. There are no right or wrong answers and living according to your purpose will make you feel empowered, confident and free.

To achieve this understanding of purpose take time to focus on yourself, get to know yourself better and explore what you like, what gives you energy and what motivates you and brings you joy. Take care of your mental and physical health which will help you to stay focused and energized.

Finally reflect on yourself often and don’t be scared to make mistakes. The entire point is to take a risk and see where it will take you. It is essential to focus on building your self-confidence and remember that mistakes are just part of progress and growth.

If you take time for yourself, focus on your purpose, take risks and give yourself the opportunity to make mistakes you’ll realize that your life is something worth talking about and that you have control over it.

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