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Thank you to my pandemic body

Today I say thank you to my pandemic body.
We’ve been through some serious hits to our nervous system over the last 12 months. And yet you didn’t break down. 💥⚡️💥

At times if I was you, I would have given up on me and my care-taking.

-Those early times of total lockdown where there wasn’t enough movement and I was afraid to go outside.
-The 11 months of going to bed at 3am after sitting at the computer 14 hours a day to launch a start-up business I didn’t plan for.
-The lack of appreciation.🥰

  • 204 days with no physical touch of another human being.
    -Not showering enough.
    -Not drinking enough water.
    -Not eating enough.
    -Then having dinner at midnight.
    -Not getting enough fresh fruit and vegetables from being afraid to go to the store at first.🥑🥕
  • Feeling so much fear from ever increasing intensity of triggers from living back in the United States.
    -Not getting enough sleep and over working.
    -Holding my breath too much of the time as another and another racist comment came through.
    -Not crying enough.
    -Not screaming enough.
    -And so much more.

    💚 Thank you body for your patience with me in getting back on track and making time to look after you better.

    You are not the same body I had a year ago.
    You got thicker and lost some strength.
    And I love you just the same.
    Actually I love you even more than ever before.

    Thank you for letting me design more purposeful #selfcare and take my power back in showing you more #selflove

    At my age I know now I can never, ever let you down again.

    We’re in this together for quality longevity!

    Thank you for not rebelling when I kicked back in a serious lifestyle upgrade in movement therapies (Yoga, #PureBarre, cycling, walking, Pilates), sleep and nutrition.

    I love you.

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