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the real virus is selfishness


a person, action, or motive lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure. #wikipedia

Urban Dictionary say “When you have a huge amount of interest invested in yourself, or when you don’t think about the wants and needs of others..

Let me say this from teaching Yoga for 20 years, Yoga wakes you up and inspires selfLESSness.

Yet the paradox is in the yoga world you see a ton of selfish behavior usually coupled with #whiteprivilege starting with contributing to yoga studio environments that are competitive (both on the mat in poses and off the mat in how expensive your yoga outfit is, your last spendy retreat) and elitist. Western world white studio owned establishments have not done enough to be inclusive to ALL people. 

There is often a feeling of “this is our special place” and if you can’t afford it, or don’t measure up then we aren’t going to make it easier for you.

You either belong or you don’t. 

Now I look at the issue of #wearamask and I wonder why are so many of the Yogis the one’s who don’t want to wear a mask? 


If your yoga practice is founded in entitlement, elitism, ableism, colorism, ageism, sexism in your Yoga Studio and yes racism, by not making it actively open to all people, then you get good at what you practice. But that’s not the true purpose of yoga – to make people more selfish. It’s actually meant to help us be UNSELFISH. So think about what does selfish mean to you. 

Here are what I read earlier today…

“You’re asking a country of people who are obsessed with their “freedom” to be considerate of other people and temporarily inconvenience themselves for the greater good. We’re going to keep experiencing outbreaks because of those with the mentality “it hasn’t affected me directly so I don’t care”.. Half of the US doesn’t believe that COVID or climate change or systemic racism is real. Coronavirus is rampant because the US is a selfish society. I’m exhausted.

I find myself getting increasingly more angrier and impatient for all the horrible, ignorant, selfish fxxks that populate the United States. IT BAFFLES ME how many people argue BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. That won’t wear a mask.

Why is it so many of these all lives matter people the same ones saying they don’t need to wear a mask if they don’t want to because it’s unconstitutional l. So, what they really mean is, MY LIFE MATTERS MORE ALWAYS???? Ugh I’m sick of selfish people.

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