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Things That Make You Blush: 5 Benefits of Kissing

An excerpt from the article Things That Make You Blush: Trading Mistletoe for Holiday Stress this Christmas

Most advice columns on avoiding holiday stress give suggestions that make common sense, but might be hard to implement. They say to start early on your holiday shopping (too late to do that now if you are looking for help by reading this article). They mention not to stress over the out-of-stock Barbie Doll for your granddaughter; give her cookies instead. Avoid crowds by shopping online. Take all 26 relatives to K & W for dinner instead of cooking at home. All of these are reasonable for reducing holiday stress, but there is a better long-term solution to surviving the holidays. This free and easy solution is also common sense, but easily forgotten when life gets busy or when we take our relationships for granted. Why not just kiss your holiday stress goodbye under the mistletoe by one of our favorite activities: kissing!

In an online article on the website mindbodygreen.com, Silvia Mordini extols the five healthy reasons for kissing based on scientific evidence, a lot of which sounds like good old common sense. These reasons include:

  1. Kissing lowers stress by decreasing cortisol, a stress-producing hormone, and by lowering anxiety.
  2. Kissing makes us happier by increasing endorphins.
  3. Kissing keeps us healthy by improving the amount of antibodies available to fight infections, which can also decrease cavities.
  4. Kissing calms us down and promotes pleasure by increasing the “love hormone,” oxytocin.
  5. Kissing strengthens our relationship (some studies say kissers live five years longer than those who don’t kiss).

So, the science behind kissing suggests that kissing can be a healthy holiday habit. 

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