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Today is my first New Years Eve in Florida!

Today is my first New Years Eve in Florida! ☀️

Grateful to be in my #sunshinecity year round uniform white sundress and bare feet.

Loving #stpetersburgflorida❤️

Holding my new phone.

Earlier today said goodbye to my XS Max which at the time was the largest smartphone Apple had ever released when it launched September 12, 2018.
⭐️ First time gold option.

Last year December 2, 2020 this one was discontinued. It had been replaced with newer models.

It has been with me all over the world 🌎🌍🌏 round and round.

As of today it was guardian of 104,735 photos and 6,925 videos.

I know that’s a ridiculous number. But we’ve seen more in 3 years since 2018 than some previous decades of my life.

Grateful for having another set of “eyes” to capture memories, especially when another human wasn’t nearby to see the beauty together.

Like many transitions there can be hiccups.
Apple stopped my transfer of data too soon and I lost all my notes from All previous years where I’d written novels (literally writing two books).

And 60% total data of all sorts.

I’ve grieved this loss with tears.
As a writer my words are everything.
And just like that they were gone.

The Starting Over seems to want me to bring only 40% of my stuff, my old stories, into 2022.

Apparently I now have 60% open space to make my best new life ever!

I’m trying to see what’s poetic in this moment.

I go into the New Year with more room.
That can only be a good thing.

➡️ Weird but not strange it deleted my 11 year old Male Manifesto because I don’t need it anymore.

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