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“Racism doesn’t pick a side but too many people think it does which is why this country is in the position it’s in now. The kumbaya posts are problematic af. Rights and freedoms are on the line and being kind has never saved us.” – @Sincerely.Lettie

My biggest trigger today continues to be the nice white people who want everyone to ignore what this election further reveals. This spiritual bypassing is trying to encourage being nice to oppressors.

Real life is not a Marshall’s Homegoods sign of “live laugh love”

There is serious work to be done.

We are still at the beginning.

You are either an active ally to us as BIPOC or you are part of the problem.

This is no longer a time where nice white people can stay in their comfort zone of not upsetting or revealing to their neighbors what they really believe – systemic racism must stop.

And no more tone policing of BIPOC people with messages of “let’s all be kind.” Don’t do that to us. We do not have to make our oppressors feel happy with themselves.

And “I don’t want to hear someone say this is NOT who we are ever again. This is very clearly who half of us are.” – Myke Cole

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