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Why self-forgiveness unblocks self-love

I’ve been pouring my heart into creating my new 4 Week program called SELF-ish dedicated to Self-Love and how to remove the obstacles to loving ourselves better in 2021.

Yesterday I spent focused on the Self-Forgiveness Module.

Self-Forgiveness is messy, like me in this photo. :-).

One of my greatest lessons has come as a result of betrayal. I learned that as much as I thought my freedom would come from forgiving him, it actually only came as a result of forgiving mySELF.

I hold this to heart from Miguel Angel Ruiz “Forgive yourself. The supreme act of forgiveness is when you can forgive yourself for all the wounds you’ve created in your own life. Forgiveness is an act of self-love. When you forgive yourself, self-acceptance begins and self-love grows.”

This dark night of the soul was seeded from self-betrayal.

When I got really honest about looking back at the time ahead of my life blowing up, there were signs from him. There were also behaviours I was allowing myself to have around his dysfunction that i fooled myself into thinking were ok. I knew it was not ok. And I knew I was not ok.

  • I betrayed my values.
  • I betrayed myself in accepting his lies.
  • I betrayed my non negotiables.
  • I betrayed myself by being used financially.
  • I betrayed my integrity.
  • I betrayed love for accepting less than I deserved.

All the while I was loving myself.

However, it was only up to a certain level and then I maxed out because the only way to reopen the flood gates to self-LOVE was through the messiness of self-FORGIVENESS.

My ego resisted, it fought me on the effort.

The victim mentality was hard earned through the pain of betrayal and I didn’t want to let him “win.”

My mind kept tricking my heart to stay in suffering because what he did was so wrong..But the whole while I’m suffering he just went on living.

I kept myself stuck in the mud because it was more important to be right than it was to be happy.

It took years to figure out the ANSWER was self-forgiveness.

I really wish I had me to help me back then.

That’s why I am here now trying to help you..Maybe it’s not about relationship for you, it’s about over staying in a toxic job, or how you show up in family of origin, or what you’ve done or not done that you’re ashamed of.

Bottom line is I want to help you GET UNSTUCK.

Don’t waste the years I did.

Program begins on demand January 1st. For sale now alchemy-of-yoga.teachable.com/p/4-week-self-love-course

During January I will also be offering LIVE workshops, meditations, and dharma talks to go with this program.

Questions? Email me silvia@silviamordini.com

Photographer: Daria

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