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Why Yoga Is A Fantastic Exercise For Your Mind on Do You Yoga

Why Yoga Is A Fantastic Exercise For Your Mind
I’ve been moving my body in some way all my life. I started in the crib, learned to ski before I could walk, was taking swimming lessons, tennis lessons, dance lessons from the earliest age you could possibly sign up. I loved being on the swim team, tennis, soccer team, pom-pons, dance squad and more.
I’m not new to movement.
Inward Intentions
Some almost 23 years ago I was new to yoga after being run over by a car as a pedestrian. At that time, I had no aspiration to do a full backbend or handstand or arm balance or put my foot behind my head. All I wanted to do was move by myself, drive myself, propel my actions without being afraid of breaking. I learned how resilient the body is and how fragile at the same time.
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