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you don’t have to be an extrovert to teach yoga

READ this again.

Let it sink in.

Extroversion is not required to learn to teach the healing arts like Yoga and Meditation.

It never was

But if you look around at the yoga World today you’d think that you have to be an extroverted, quasi exhibitionist always doing yoga in your thong.

This is an insult to real Yoga

It’s offensive to the respectable profession of Yoga Teachers/Peace Leaders.

As a yoga teacher you are not an entertainer!

You are not performing or acting out “the role of a Yoga Teacher.”

And students are not there to applaud you or approve of your performance.

We teach yoga as SERVICE to our students.
It is for them.
We teach to them.
We CENTER them.

I’m convinced the only way to stop the yoga world from this scene getting worse is by creating safe space for You to join me in @alchemyofyoga Teacher Training

We honor the true 8 Limbed Path of Yoga with humble hearts.

Join us!
1 start anytime 100% online and all on demand, work at your own pace
2 join November 1-30 cohort online for community and coaching

  1. join me in person Nov 5-Dec 5 #stepetersburgflorida @thebodyelectricyoga

    If you’re fired up about changing the narrative in the yoga world let’s chat.

    Empaths, intuitives, Lightworkers, healers, medicine people come together. 🌎

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